How Jacqueline Burkhart Plans to Win in the PSPC

Winning a Platinum Pass for PSPC is something that many players want to hide in order not to be seen as inexperienced players and give their opponents a psychological advantage. The thing with Platinum Passes is that it was awarded on several occasions, some of which required pure luck. Jacqueline Burkhart was one of the people who won Platinum Pass in one such way.

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However, her tactics are somewhat different from the tactics utilized by other Platinum Pass winners. Instead of hiding the fact that she won her entrance to the tournament by luck, she goes around talking about it.

Ms. Burkhart even stated that she was hoping that everyone becomes aware that she had won a Platinum Pass. She added that she made sure to talk about that a lot. Furthermore, she told everyone that she was a mom, and she was hoping that other players would underestimate her so that she could take advantage when they don’t show their best against her. Pretty interesting way to look at things, but that might just work out for her.

Despite trying to present herself as a poker newbie, Jacqueline Burkhart is far from that. Although she doesn’t have a lot of time to play poker since she’s also a dental hygienist and a mom, she managed to win $80,000 in Hendon Mob cashes and even managed to finish on the fifth place in a recent event called $1,000 WSOP Ladies. Burkhart added that she was not afraid of any poker players on the tournament, but that she was pretty aware that the level of her skills is nowhere near the professional poker players that she would potentially face.

Many Platinum Passes are awarded out of poker tournaments, and such was the case with Jacqueline Burkhart who actually won the competition by writing a story with a hashtag #mypokerStory. In other words, it seems that this dentist has a knack for writing, and the judges decided that her story was the most original, coherent and relevant to poker, thus awarding her the Platinum Pass.

At first, Burkhart wasn’t even sure whether she should take part in Maria Konnikova’s challenge. She stated that she hadn’t felt like she would say anything interesting or impressive. She stated that she was just a mom who occasionally plays $1/$2 tournaments now and then. However, she decided to take a shot in the end because she remembered that she used to do a lot of writing in high school and that she was good at doing that.

She decided to make the story not only personal but funny as well, winning the hearts of the people who made the final decision. Now, she’s living her dream in the Bahamas and facing some of the biggest names in the poker world.

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