High Stakes Poker — Best Moments in S8, E5

The information that High Stakes Poker is back put a smile on many poker players’ faces, as HSP has been one of the most popular shows related to poker. The eighth season of the show is already underway, and the fifth episode was really interesting. Let’s check out some of the fantastic moments that viewers had an opportunity to share with the participants.

Bellade Gets Nervous Over an Early Loss

Jean-Robert Bellade called Tom Dwan right at the start with 10-9 against Dwan’s 8-7 suited. Bryn Kenney also stayed in the game with 5-2 suited.

Dwan then continued to increase his bet with 6-9-10 on the flop as he had the nuts right away. After a couple of back and forths, JRB decided to jam $167K and was called by Dwan. In the end, Dawn was the one who remained smiling, as both runouts brought him a total of $352K, whereas Bellande was obviously irritated by his poor luck.

Bryn Kenney’s Bluff

With A-J in his pocket, Kenney opened with $2,500 UTG: Steven decided to three-bet him with $8,500, and Kenney called right away. Steven had J-10, and the flop showed 7-10-8. This is when Kenney pulled his little trick by double-checking his cards and check-raising to $35,000. Another Jack appeared on the turn, and Kenney decided to raise for another $69,000. Steven decided to call again. 

A three of spades appeared on the river, and Kenney then decided to bet another $147,000, creating a pot of $227,000. Steven then stretched in his seat, thought about Kenney’s move, and decided to fold in the end, even though he would have won if he hadn’t.

The Pot Reaches $985K

Salomon opened with $4,000 with 5-3 suited in his hand. Steven called with A-J, and so did Dwan with Q-Q. Lynne Ji also decided to call that bet with Q-10 suited, and Bellande was in too with A-K suited. Bellande increased to $11,000, and the next two players called. Dwan then decided to put a total of $54,000 in the pot.

At that moment, Ji went all in for $163K, and JRB decided to follow as well, with a total of $399,000. Salomon and Stevens decided to fold after that.

Dwan thought for a while but then decided to proceed, chucking in a lot of chips.

The players then agreed to run the board three times in order to determine the main and side pots. The first board was J-9-9-4-10, the second was Q-J-3-7-A, and the third was 5-5-5-7-7. It means that Dwan ended up being the one to get the lion’s share of the pot. It also meant that Ji and Bellande had to say goodbye to the rest of the table as they headed for the doors.

These moments were just some of the many great hands that we were able to watch in the fifth episode of High Stakes Poker. The sixth episode will premiere on Wednesday, January 20.

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