Scott Wellenbach’s Charity Poker in PS Caribbean Adventure Main Event

David “Chino” Rheem won the 2019 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure Main Event, which was a huge victory for him. He managed to win a total of $1,567,100 and completely dominated throughout the tournament. This 38-year-old player has had a long and successful career and managed to win a lot of tournaments in poker.

However, he is not the focal point of this story. In fact, we are going to focus on Scott Wellenbach, a player from Canada who ended up third in the Main Event. His story is an unusual one. Although Rheem was an absolute favorite, the audience couldn’t help but support Wellenbach, who decided to donate all of his winnings to charity.

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Wellenbach works as a text transcriber and lives in Halifax, Canada. He won a pass by playing an online qualifier that required a $500 buy-in and decided that he should donate all of his money to charity, regardless of the outcome of the game. Who would have thought that Wellenbach would end up third in such a huge tournament?

He played strong and did not give up.  Apart from his obvious skill and luck, he had support from the majority of the audience. This is a great poker story, and it is one of the reasons why this card game is so popular in the world. Every once in a while we hear about these powerful stories that remind us why we love poker so much.

Wellenbach even gave a short statement after he had hit the rail, and he said that he had been feeling a rollercoaster of emotions. Although he stated that he had been feeling a lot of ups and downs, he also admitted to being a bit disappointed after he had busted out. In fact, he added that he hoped for playing a bit better and that him hitting the rail was somewhat of a bittersweet moment.

Despite being disappointed, the player from Canada was also feeling excited as he managed to earn almost $700k. He is definitely going to put big smiles on the faces of those in need, as not many people in the world could take pride in donating such a huge amount of money to charity.

Finally, Wellenbach stated that if someone had asked him whether he would have been satisfied with third place, he would have responded positively. However, at the moment of him hitting the rail, he was definitely disappointed. Nevertheless, he added that he would wait for a couple of days for the whole thing to sink in which would be the time when he would realize what a great achievement he had done. In the end, Wellenbach stated that he was sure that the poker gods had been smiling.

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