Eric Persson Opposes a Rematch After Losing High Stakes Duel Round 1 to Daniel Negreanu

PokerGO recently held a High Stakes Duel (HSD) Round 1 between Daniel Negreanu and Eric Persson that ended 0-3. The two poker pros made $50,000 buy-ins on Monday and ought to have a rematch at 5 p.m. PT on Tuesday. But, Persson declined, citing unavailability.

Since he missed it, Phil Hellmuth set a new history in High Stakes Duel. He finished 9-2 in 11 games, losing to Jason Koon in the High Stakes Duel III $1.6 million round. Also, he withdrew from a rematch and ended the series of games as only two players were eligible to continue playing.

Negreanu Gets Early Cards

Negreanu and Hellmuth clashed in 2021 in HSD 11. Unfortunately, the former lost three games and made a $350,000 total loss. But, the odds favored him on Monday.

The players had 50,000 chips when the action began, and the blinds were at the 100/200 level, as they increased in 30-minute intervals. Negreanu got pocket aces twice in less than 30 minutes and made a top pair flop. The hands denied him more action.

It appeared like the stacks would even. Negreanu used A?A? to make a 700 raise, and Persson used 8?8? to call. Two face cards appeared on the flop prompting Persson to place a continuation bet.

Negreanu got aces and placed a 2,000 three-bet. Unfortunately, he failed to get action after Persson made suited connectors.

Both of them got huge hands shortly after the duel began, yet none of them increased their stack by a big margin. Yet, tables turned after Negreanu made a middle set flop on the 5?3?J? board facing Persson’s 4?2? in an open-ended straight draw.
The latter wagered 3,000 on the draw and got a call.

2? landed on the turn, and Persson placed a 5,000 bet before Negreanu called.

They checked after the 4? landed on the river, each of them avoiding a flush or straight. But, Negreanu won an 18,000 pot.

Persson Ups His Game

Negreanu had a 3:1 chip lead, but Persson wasn’t giving up fast as he threw several bluffs to recollect his chips. The latter used 4?3? to place a 5,000 bet on the 7?J?A?7?7? board and lured the former to fold J?10?. Still, Persson reduced the chip difference fast and almost evened for a while.

Kid Poker used four-high to win a 15,000 pot and a missed flush draw from the river after Persson used king-high to make an under-the-gun open-fold. Ali Nejad and Nick Schulman, renowned PokerGO commentators, didn’t understand why Persson easily let go of that pot.

Negreanu had a 4:1 stack lead on the final hand. He held A?K? when the chips got in a table preflop, while Persson had A?Q?.

10?7?J?J?6? landed on the board and ended the game. Any interested player can occupy Persson’s seat in Round 2 against Negreanu.

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