Darren Elias Eyes Fourth WPT Title at the Bobby Baldwin Classic Main Event

Tides keep changing as Day-3 WPT Bobby Baldwin Classic main event sees Darren Elias, a three times WPT champ, lead the pack of hopefuls into the grand finale scheduled to start at 2 pm local time this Wednesday.

Beginning the day were 20 survivors who managed to cross over from day 2. But as the day unfolded, there was a quick succession of cut-offs that saw some contenders leave the table. Joining the chop-off list was day-1’s chip lead Kevin Eyster who was eliminated from the 13th position.

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Tight, aggressive poker seemed to dominate the play as the unofficial final table bubble approached. The precedent stalling and time wastage lead to suggestions of a hand-for-hand play from several players. Eventually, both contenders in the eleventh and tenth position were knocked out of the race. The remaining players merged to form the final unofficial table.

Stephen Chidwick ride up the chip leaderboard hit a wall when he was outplayed by Dietrich Fast’s in a blind-on-blind battle. Fast’s big win saw Chidwick down to the ninth position.

Moving on, an eight-hand play continued till Ray Qartomy’s short stack couldn’t win a flip against Fast. Before the game continued further, the remaining seven were reduced to the final six after Darren Elias eliminated Phil Hellmuth, WPT Raw Deal Analyst with a move against his. His victory not only pushed Elias into the final six WPT grand finale table but also catapulted him to the top chip stack.

Even though the day started off slow for Elias, he managed to make his way to the top from playing from safe. His move was unprecedented as he was right in the middle of the pack for most parts of the day. However, as the eleventh hour proceeded, Elias managed to gang up 44% of the total chip play rounding up to 2,127,000. His victory was so far-fetched that his nearest rival could not out match him even if he doubled his stack.

Darren Elias is one of the five final table contenders who holds three WPT titles. If he wins the WPT Bobby Baldwin Classic Main Event season 16, he will make a historical move as being the first four-time WPT title holder.

When asked of his win, Elias is pretty optimistic about the final show-down. He hopes for a ground-breaking win as it can be seen from his play today. In case he misses the chance, Elias will be pretty disappointed as the same thing happened earlier this season when he came close to tasting victory at Jacksonville.

Nonetheless, day 4 is surely not going to be all rosy for Elias as the day features some pretty bigwigs in the WPT world. Out of the six, two are contending for their third WPT title. With all players fully motivated to win the title, Day-4 seems to attract poker magnets from all over the world as it is the grand finale and everyone is betting on their favorite to take the chip lead.

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