Steve Brecher Wins Bay 101 Shooting Star Championship

The final table of the Bay 101 Shooting Star Championship concluded this past Saturday after a marathon session of poker. Kathy Liebert was the only Shooting Star left when she began heads up play against Steve Brecher. Brecher was able to hold out and eventually knock Kathy out of the competition and take the first place win.

When final table play began, Brecher was in the chip lead with Kathy down in fourth. Chan Vu was short stacked and was the first to go followed closely by Thao Le. After those two were eliminated it would about four hours later before anyone one else would leave the table.

Tony Behari bluffed on his hand and was called by Kathy who had a full house so his chip stack was cut short and he was left with a very small stack. Kathy would take the rest from Tony a short while later with her pocket tens.

Kathy then had the chip lead and it would be another two and a half hours before Steve would take a good chunk of Kathy’s stack. Steve went all in with A-Q against Kathy’s A-K but Steve held the better hand.

Three way continued for a while until Chris Moore held a low chip stack. Moore decided to go all in with A-K on a 9-5-4 flop and was called by Steve with K-3 suited. Steve got a flush on the river and sent Chris home in third.

Steve and Kathy continued to play into the wee hours of the morning, setting a new record along the way. The record for a WPT final table in hands played was 303 but Kathy and Steve made it to 319 before a winner was named.

On the final hand Kathy was knocked out with Q-T after going against Steve’s A-9. The last hand took place at 4:20 am and Steve was named the winner. He won the top prize as well as an extra $5000 for knocking out Kathy, the last Shooting Star.

Final Results:                                                                                                                                                                                     

$1,025,500 — Steve Brecher

$550,000 — Kathy Liebert

$291,500 — Chris Moore

$230,000 — Tony Behari

$180,000 — Thao Le

$135,000 — Chau Vu






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