Dan Bilzerian To Play $100M Heads-Up Poker Match Against Billionaire Alec Gores

Dan Bilzerian To Play $100M Heads-Up Poker Match Against Billionaire Alec Gores

Social media sensation and GGPoker Ambassador Dan Bilzerian is set to play a $100,000,000 heads-up poker match against billionaire Alec Gores.

Going by revelations in Dan’a new autobiography and details shared during Logan Paul’s “Impulsive” podcast, Dan has won tens of millions from playing poker. Moreover, most of his winnings came from Alec.

Gores was unhappy with Dan publicly mentioning him, leading him to challenge Bilzerian for probably the highest stakes heads-up poker match.

If the match goes through, each of these players will put $50 million on the table, creating a $100 million prize. Dan had said in another podcast that he beat Alec, earning at least $40 to $50 million. However, Gores denied the number was that high, challenging Dan for a heads-up match to see who would afford $25 million.

Bilzerian had suggested they play for $25 million at Aria. But, Gores said he was not interested in playing if the prize was anything below $50 million.

Dan continued to explain that he promised to wire more to Aria in ten days. He also suggested they televise the game. Dan was reporting what he and the billionaire had exchanged via text, claiming he even challenged him twice, which means they could play for $100 million.

According to The Setup, Gores and Bilzerian played Hollywood big games by Molly Bloom. The two would then meet for private games through which Dan claimed to have won over 440 million. These games were immortalized in a book called Molly’s Game and in a film going by the same title.

The Setup is Dan’s new autobiography. It reveals so many details, including his encounter with Gores.

When Does the Match Occur?

If Gores agrees to wire his part of the money to Aria, the poker match might happen soon. This match will be a defining moment for the two players as each has something to prove.

Dan wants to add to his bankroll and silence everyone who doubted anyone would make millions from playing poker. On the other hand, Alec wants to prove Dan is not necessarily a good player and cannot win money from him.

Unfortunately, all the details about the match are not yet public. But, many are speculating that the match may happen before the end of this year.

With the 2021 world series of poker going on at the moment, the two might not schedule for the game yet. Considering PokerGO Studio is in Aria and has hosted publicized matches before, such as High Stakes Duel featuring Phil Hellmuth, the poker studio might air the predicted match instead of going with the pay-per-view concept as suggested by Bilzerian.

More About Alec Gores

Alec is an Israeli billionaire whose fortune he got from leveraging buyouts of technology companies. He is the founder of a private equity firm, The Gores Group. Ten years ago, Gore was involved with Molly’s Game.

Some of the money used to pay winning poker players in that game were paid using the money defrauded from investors. With a lawsuit filed, Gores was asked to pay $445,000 while Toby Maguire was to pay $311,000. Gores chose to settle the case outside court while Maguire fought the case.

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