Celebrity Poker Buddies Launch Campaign For Medical Equipment

The coronavirus has hit the United States the hardest, and the epicenter of the pandemic in the country is New York City. Medical workers are working 24/7 to save as many lives as possible.

However, the problem is that there’s a lack of medical equipment for all the researchers and medical workers. One of the biggest issues is that there’s a lack of protective gear, including face masks, that proved vital for preventing the coronavirus from spreading.

Andy Bellin is a New York City celebrity. He has had some really great scripts in his life, making him a quiet popular and sought-after screenwriter in the Big Apple.

What many didn’t know about him is that he is also a poker player, and has poker buddies with whom he enjoys playing the game on the web.

Therefore, it’s safe to assume that Bellin is a home poker player. He even wrote a piece for the LA Times recently, where he discussed his passion for poker and how he switched to home play due to the coronavirus outbreak.

However, he hasn’t been idle lately and, even though he stays at home, he decided to take action and contribute to the growing spread of the coronavirus.

What’s the Plan?

Bellin was joined by his poker buddies, including actors Aaron Tveit, Billy Crudup, and Hank Azaria. They decided to join a campaign which they called #GetTheMasksBack.

The idea behind it is a rather straightforward one. There’s not enough medical equipment, and the home poker players and celebrities will try to get the protective gear that frontline medical workers now need more than ever to fight off COVID-19.

Namely, Bellin also has friends among the researchers who are currently looking for a way to come up with a vaccine. According to him, his friend would have to shut down his virus research lab due to the shortage of N95 masks.

He stated that the main idea behind this campaign is to urge people with spare N95 masks to contact their local hospitals and send them those masks.

Moreover, he added that he and his friends would also offer to buy the masks back from those people to send them to the ones who are currently needing them the most — medical workers and researchers.

There were many black-market profiteers and price gougers who sold the masks for big prices, and the idea was to recoup those maks and get them back to where they are essential. Namely, N95 masks are hoarded the most by people who are afraid of the coronavirus. That, and, of course, toilet paper.

At the moment, Bellin is also actively working on a script which currently bears the name The Baccarat Machine, and it is for a film inspired by Phil Ivey and Kelly Sun. Right now, there are no estimates of when the movie would be out, due to the current situation with the coronavirus.

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