2019 WSOP Main Event Recap: How Ensan Won $10 Million

More than 10 days ago, the 50th Annual World Series of Poker came to an end. One person managed to top the field and win the most prestigious trophy in the poker world: Hossein Ensan.

Ensan’s play was strong right from the beginning as he managed to have a total of 63 percent of all the chips when three-handed play started. The last day lasted for almost nine hours, and Ensan managed to beat all his opponents to win a total of $10 million as the first-place player prize.

The field consisted of 8,569 players who all had but one goal in mind — to win the main prize. However, an Iranian-born player from Germany was a tough nut to crack, and he eventually remained uncracked, taking on the first price.

Final Table Results

The final table consisted of nine players, and the first one to hit the rail was a Serbian, Miloš Škrbi?, who won a total of $1 million. He was soon followed by Timothy Su from the US, who managed to win $1.25 million, and a UK player, Nick Marchington, soon followed with $1.525 million. Sixth place was reserved for Zhen Cai from the US, as he won a total of $1.85 million.

The fifth-place player was another American named Kevin Maahs, who became richer for $2.2 million after hitting the rail. Garry Gates was out of the game in fourth place, winning a total of $3 million. At this point, the three remaining players were Alex Livingston, Dario Sammartino, and Hossein Ensan. It became apparent that Ensan was doing pretty well, and that Livingston and Sammartino would require a lot of great hands to gain an advantage.

Livingston was the first to leave the game for a total of $4 million, leaving Sammartino and Ensan in heads-up play. However, one thing happened that nobody expected when the two players clashed, and that is a three-outer made by Sammartino, who managed to gain an early lead although it seemed quite impossible at that time. At that moment, Ensan was no longer a favorite.

Yet, that did not last as Ensan adopted a methodical approach, slowly regaining his lead over the course of approximately 100 hands. Sammartino did all he could to slow Ensan’s progress, but it was all in vain as Ensan was also very lucky in addition to being very methodical and convenient.

During the last hand, the Italian check-raised all-in on the turn. However, he was not very lucky as only a combo draw was available to him, and he needed a good card on the river in order to improve. On the other hand, Ensan had two kings and eventually ended up winning the hand, as the brick river fell for Sammartino.

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