Resorts World Las Vegas’ Tacos El Cabron Closes Permanently

One of Resorts World Las Vegas eateries, the Taco Joint El Cabron closed permanently at its $4.3 billion Vegas Strip business complex. The eatery was under controversy in April 2022.

Resorts World launched its operations on the Las Vegas Strip’s northern side in June 2021. Tacos El Cabron started serving San-Diego-style burritos and street tacos outside the resort’s plaza entrance. Yet, the joint has permanently closed less than a year since it started running.

Tacos El Cabron was involved in a scandal in April after some people raised its ownership’s allegations. This prompted the Nevada Gaming Control Board (NGCB) to launch an investigation into its ownership structure. It was after Brandon Sattler, a regular Las Vegas bettor and a San Diego resident claimed that a convicted felon owned some shares in the joint.

The state’s gaming regulations prohibit felons from having 5 percent or more of any business that is within a non-restricted casino gaming enterprise like Resorts World. The gambler stated that David Stroj partially owns the taco joint despite facing illegal betting charges. Stroj denied having a stake in the establishment and stated that Peter Stroj, his father, fully owns the restaurant.

Tacos’ Closure

Resorts World defended itself against the claims that a felon owns its premises by stating that David Stroj’s position is uncertain.
The gaming site said that it would take immediate action to comply with each gaming authority’s rules if David Stroj is proven to own more than 5 percent of its shares. Even so, there hadn’t been any update on Stroj’s ownership until Scott Roeben from posted on Twitter that Tacos El Cabron’s signage is missing in the building.

The joint’s drama didn’t originate from David’s uncertain ownership. Sattler might also be wrong as Resorts World banned him after the allegation. It accused him of using an unlicensed company to dupe investors.

Plaintiffs claimed that Sattler robbed the investors of over $11 million by lying about SattCom Video, a startup firm that he runs. The gambler stated that many casinos in the United States contracted him to set up television monitors in their buildings. Even so, plaintiffs claimed that Sattler used investors’ money to wager.

Sattler didn’t refute the accusations hence prompting a U.S. Bankruptcy Court to give him money sanctions and a contempt order. Still, he claims that Tacos El Cabron was among his SattCom Video customers and it is during his interaction with its employees that he discovered that David Stroj owns more than 5 percent of its stake.

The Gambler’s Payback

Sattler accused Scott Sibella, Resorts World Las Vegas’ President of banning him early this year despite them being friends for several years. Yet, Sibella denied the allegations when he appeared before the NGCB during the joint’s scandal.

Sibella informed the board that he thinks a skilled individual was investigating the fraud and Sattler claimed that he knew that person. He added that he had met the investigator twice as he has been the resort’s loyal client for two decades. But Resorts World has never employed him in the past.

Sattler refuted Sibella’s accusations saying that they took drugs and partied together. Also, they have had sexual intercourse with many women together.

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