The Tragedy at the Tropicana

In the USA, the summer season usually is the source of a lot of revenue for tourist destinations throughout the country. However, it was not the case for the summer of 2020 as the country and the world faced a global pandemic.

Where Did Everyone Go?

It’s not hard to believe that last summer Las Vegas’s had its worst year in terms of tourism revenue. The city saw staggering low numbers of visitors over the previous year. It showed just how vulnerable many businesses in the town were.

The city has been doing all it can to promote tourism for the area and the gambling industry, but it is hard to go toe-to-toe with a monster such as covid. For that reason, the gambling industry has suffered tremendously over the last year.

In 2020 Gaming revenue for the city dropped an astronomical 80%. As a result, Las Vegas was the worst affected city in the country from an economic standpoint.

Getting Back to Normal

However, things seem to be turning around, and it finally looks like we might be able to put the covid pandemic in our rearview mirrors. Now with vaccinations available, the casinos can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

As the Casino companies make it easier than ever for employees to get vaccinations. They’re starting to creating a safer environment for their employees and guests. In the coming weeks, casinos will open the doors while allowing more patrons in at once.

Coupled with more people flying now than ever post-pandemic. Vegas is expected to have a very successful summer. This is good news for casinos and their employees alike to start working towards normal again.

The Legendary Tropicana

However, this pandemic did not pass without casualties. The world-famous Tropicana Las Vegas casino and hotel was forced to shut their doors amongst the covid outbreak. The once giant on the Las Vegas strip, stood tall for decades as one of the Premier Casino Resorts in the city, and now it sits as a mear shell of its former self.

The Tropicana first open its doors 64 years ago and has been an iconic landmark on the Vegas Strip since it opened in 1957. (The Golden Age)

Recent reports have shown that the Bally’s Corporation has recently acquired the legendary hotel-casino for a convenient 308 million dollars.

The Bally Corporation is in the business of casinos and currently owns and operates 12 casinos across eight States. The company is based out of Rhode Island and has been doing business since 2004.

Although, the company hasn’t released statements on what they to do with the Tropicana. Fans of classic Las Vegas can only hope that the company will bring the Tropicana Casino and Resort back and better than before.

The Light at the End of the Tunnel

Covid-19 has been hard on us all, but it seems it has been harder on Las Vegas, especially the gambling industry as a whole. As the city lost one of the most iconic casinos – resorts in its history, we can only hope the Tropicana was not lost in vain.

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