GTA Online to Have Their First-Ever Online In-Game Casino

The popular Rockstar Games franchise Grand Theft Auto (GTA) has always been flirting with the idea of in-game casinos, even in their offline games. However, they officially confirmed that they are going to open the first in-game online casino in their GTA Online game.

GTA Online is an open-world multi-player game where players can get together and roam in the imaginary city of Los Santos, which is inspired by Hollywood, Los Angeles. A big building in the game with a huge CASINO written has a sign saying “Opening Soon” in it, meaning that players can expect to enter the casino any day now.


The problem with this casino is that it has become a running joke among players who love this game. Rockstar Games announced the idea of an in-game casino a long time ago and they never actually gave up on it, claiming recently that its official.

The players noticed that there was something different with the building in Los Santos recently, as the sign was removed and a couple of things were added such as portable toilets, a dumpster, and more. In other words, Rockstar Games notified them that way that the wait will come to an end very soon.

Rockstar confirmed all the rumors on Thursday and announced that the game will feature a luxury casino with many interesting functions. However, details about the way this casino would operate still remain unknown. If it is similar to the casinos from San Andreas, then players will be able to play games such as roulette or blackjack. Furthermore, the game allows running in-game businesses, and many players think that the casino would become yet another “ownable” business in the game.

The Problem with the In-Game Casino

Many players believe that the in-game casino is a great option to test their luck and earn some in-game money along the way if they are lucky. However, one of the pressing problems at the moment is that GTA Dollars are often traded among players in exchange for real-world money. Therefore, that means that if somebody wins a huge prize in a casino, they could sell their GTA Dollars and earn real money. Regulators are already keeping the game under their close watch and waiting for Rockstar Games to make a move and open the casino.

On the other hand, GTA has been rated M, meaning that there is a lot of in-game content which is simply not allowed to anyone under 17. The game has adult humor, violence, strong language, sexual content, and more. In addition to all of that, an in-game casino cannot be perceived as unexpected.

GTA is one of the most popular game franchises of all time, and they are certainly going to make a difference by introducing an in-game casino, for better or for worse. However, it seems that potential clashes with the regulators could become a sort of a problem for them in the future if they fail to come up with a set of rules regarding the casino.

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