Iowa One Step Away From Sports Betting

The things changed a lot in the United States after the United States Supreme Court stated that the federal law known as PASPA (Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act) is invalid. This opened a way for sports betting companies to slowly start and infiltrate into American casinos. Various states across the US started considering or passing legislation that will allow this type of activity and make it completely legal. Delaware and New Jersey have had the most progress in this area so far, but it seems that one country will follow them and allow sports betting on its ground – Iowa.


The Gazette, one of the most famous papers from Iowa, states that one of the Representatives, Jake Highfill stated that everyone in Iowa was all-in when speaking about sports betting. This means that all sides in this country root for the legislation to be passed and this includes retailers, casinos, lawmakers, and even sports organizations. This resulted in both the representatives and the Iowa Lottery being the main target of stakeholders who want to take part in the sports betting services that would soon be allowed in this state.

The story of Iowa sports betting is almost one month old as the board of the state Lottery had already discussed this possibility in June and unanimously decided that they need to explore this area more. In fact, they concluded that the sports betting would be feasible for the state of Iowa with both the vendors and the lawmakers ready to do their best to implement this activity into the state. The most interested side in all of this is, of course, the casinos which expressed their wishes for the legislators to approve sports betting as soon as possible and legalize it for the casino platforms which will also include casinos that are played on mobile.

The legal file which needs to see the approval is called House File 2448, and it is the first thing that was done to legalize sports betting. The bill was moved forward, and although this was seen as great progress, this still wasn’t enough for the law to be completely approved. The manager of this bill is Highfill himself who currently actively works both with the Senate and with the House, and is currently supported by the people from both who are interested in legalizing sports betting in Iowa. There’s a lot of hope among the residents and officials of Iowa, and the bill will be completely passed very soon, as it seems.

One of the most important organizations that must play a part in this process is the Iowa Gaming Association, which is also all-in for legalizing sports betting and they plan to have a couple of meetings with the lawmakers during the summer in order to provide info about the potential benefits that sports betting can bring to the state.

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