Residents of Japan Taking Casino Courses While Waiting for the IR

The number of Japan citizens who started going to casino crash courses started rapidly increasing since the announcement of the opening of Integrated Resorts in this country. According to the Agence France Presse, the number of people who are interested in learning how to play games such as baccarat, roulette, poker, craps, or slots has significantly increased as the so-called “casino schools” in Japan are overwhelmed with the enthusiasts.


However, this is not mainly because they are interested in becoming casino gamblers. In fact, the main reason why the Japanese are enrolling in these schools is to land a job in one of the IRs which are projected to become one of the booming businesses in this country. One of the owners of the casino schools, Masayoshi Oiwane, stated that there was a great “enrollment momentum” and that was the reason for many Japanese people to learn how to play casino games and learn about casinos in general.

As soon as the Integrated Resorts Implementation Bill (also known as IR Bill) was proposed by the PM Shinzo Abe, there was a great debate by the public on whether this bill should be accepted or not. One of the main reasons why IR was proposed in the first place, was to attract the greater number of foreign tourists to Japan, which will inevitably boost the Japanese economy. Furthermore, Abe stated that these resorts will be a perfect opportunity for new jobs and will result in promoting Japanese culture.

According to many professional gaming analysts, the Japanese casino market is estimated to reach a potential worth of $15.8 billion, which would be even larger than the market in Las Vegas which is valued at $11 billion.
Toru Mihara, one of the experts on casinos from Japan, estimated that the IRs and casinos will result in tens of thousands job openings in Japan in the worst case scenario.

One of the historical events in Japan actually happened a couple of days ago when the Diet made a decision to approve the IR Bill that allows for the construction of the first three casinos in three parts of Japan. The bill was mainly made to impose the limits and restrictions for the Japanese citizens, allowing them only 10 monthly visits and 3 weekly visits to the casino and imposing an entrance fee of $54 (6,000 YEN). Although now being on the table of House of Councillors, the bill will probably be approved by them as well, allowing for the first casino to be built.

Whether the country of Japan will impact the gambling industry is inevitable as all the numbers and statistics state so. However, it is still uncertain how the Japanese public will react to casinos and whether they will have to cope up with gambling addiction as certain other countries in the world. For now, all the measures have been taken to prevent such things.

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