Melco Promises 20,000 Jobs for Japan IR

December 7, 2018 Ryan Knuppel 0

Melco Resorts and Entertainment Limited is hoping to get chosen by the Government of Japan as the #1 casino operator for this job, and they promised that they would create more than 20,000 job opportunities for Japanese and foreigners should they become the one to build the IR in Japan. [….]

Galaxy Entertainment Group Narrows Down Options for Japan IR

November 21, 2018 Ryan Knuppel 0

The government of Japan still hasn’t decided which casino operators will get the licenses to build Integrated Resorts in what is projected to become one of the biggest casino markets in the world. One of the possible options is a company based in Hong Kong – Galaxy Entertainment Group. This company is already considering options and possible actions, should they become the ones to get the license. [….]

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