PGA Tour Partners with Genius Sports to create Integrity Program

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Every professional sports organization operating in the United States are focused on integrity of their games or events. Sports betting is not legalized in the US, except in a handful of states, with Nevada being the main source of sports wagering opportunities. Professional sports organizations often review their protocols and regulations in order to stay on track in regards to integrity, with no event or game influenced in relation to wagering. The PGA Tour recently announced they are working with Genius Sports to create a new Integrity Program beginning in 2018 in order to refocus the integrity of their product.

An announcement was made by the PGA Tour along with Genius Sports, a sports data company, regarding the new program and how it will be launched to help protect PGA Tour competitions from outside influences related to gambling activities.

Integrity concerns have been on the mind of the PGA Tour and the new program will be a comprehensive way to ensure that every competition takes place with integrity intact, preventing any betting-related corruption. The goal is to ensure that the competitions continue to reflect the best efforts of players, with the welfare of players protected.

In the announcement, the PGA Tour stated that clear policies and regulations are needed along with ongoing education and training with effective monitoring and enforcement functions that are consistently monitored.

The integrity program will focus on 140 events each year within the sport. Every area of the competition and operations within six tours that the PGA Tour oversees will be included. Such tours on the list include the PGA Tour China, Tour, PGA Tour Latinoamerica and The Champions Tour.

The role of Genius Sports will be to provide services to aid in the integrity goals of the Tour. The company offers a monitoring system that will track betting activity in real time. Proprietary algorithms are used to detect any potentially suspicious patterns that may occur in the betting markets globally. An educational program has been created by Genius Sports that will help players, officials of gold and caddies be able to identify as well as resist and report any incidents of betting corruption within the sport. Within the program are workshops and e-learning modules.


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