March is Problem Gambling Awareness Month

Leading Casino Lobbying Group in the USA Calls for Responsible Gambling Reforms

The online gambling industry continues to grow rapidly, and many states are looking to legalize online casinos. Some of the biggest opponents of online gambling point out the fact that these online casinos can lead to more problem gambling. 

March is Problem Gambling Awareness Month, and there are seven operators who are teaming up for a brand new initiative. The Responsible Online Gaming Association was recently formed, and it was just introduced with a massive announcement. 

BetMGM was one of the founding members of this new organization, but that company was joined by six other massive names in the industry. Those online casino operators include bet365, DraftKings, Fanatics, FanDuel, Hard Rock Digital, and PENN Entertainment. 

These operators are going to be working together to promote responsible gambling, and that could help limit concerns about problem gambling. This organization is going to work through many different tasks, but sharing customer information is one of the biggest takeaways. 

Each operator has been working individually with players to help identify problem gambling, but sharing information can help keep players safe. This group is pledging $20 million in the first year to get this program up and running, but it’s not just going to be a one-year thing. 

It’s unclear if other operators will join in the future, but these operators represent nearly 90% of all online gambling options. 

Big Plans in the Works

Not only is this new group going to throw money at the Problem Gambling issue, but there are some specific plans to target this problem. Leaders from each of these online casino operators are going to do individual research and then report back to the entire group. 

After identifying some of the biggest issues in the industry, this group will then educate players about the dangers of problem gambling. Every operator already has programs in place to fight this potential issue, but many consumers are unaware of those programs. 

A certification program is also going to be created, and that will allow players to pass classes in order to prove that they gamble responsibly. States already require online operators to have responsible gaming practices in place, but this group is looking to take the next step. 

New Jersey Announces New Initiative

When it comes to iGaming, few states are seeing more action than what comes through New Jersey every single year. This state has recognized that problem gaming is an issue, and it will be spending $300,000 this year to help fight the problem. 

Not only is this state going to highlight the responsible gambling resources that are available, but it will also work with those who suffer from problem gambling. It’s unclear how New Jersey will identify those who need the most help, but there is plenty of money to be spent. 

Other states have announced similar initiatives in the past, but this program from New Jersey is currently getting the most attention. This program is going to extend into other months, even though March is when Responsible Gambling is the top priority or focus.

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