Resorts Should Make Their Re-opening Plans Available to the Public

Las Vegas casinos, as well as many other businesses in Nevada, are planning to re-open their doors to visitors. However, in order to do so, they’ll have to show their customers that they are prepared. In other words, customers need to be sure that they’ll be safe and sound, should they decide to visit the venues of Vegas.

The Nevada Gaming Control Board, the main regulatory body of the entire gambling industry in Nevada, is requiring all of its licensees to submit plans about re-opening. This not only includes casinos, but also every other business that offers anything related to gambling.

These plans should be lengthy documents on how resorts are planning to approach the re-opening process and prevent the spread of coronavirus. Although many people expect to see these plans to make sure it’s safe to go to Las Vegas, the Nevada Gaming Control Board still plans to keep the plans out of public sight.

Are Customers Interested in Measures Taken by Resorts?’

The Nevada Gaming Control Board released guidelines for casinos on how to keep things clean and safe amid the coronavirus pandemic. Casinos have been shut down for more than two months now, and they have big re-opening plans. However, they’ll have to take extreme measures to make the areas as safe as possible.

For example, they will have to encourage social distancing, keep surfaces disinfected, and much more. All of that is planned to be written down and submitted to the Control Board. Therefore, it’s only natural to assume that visitors would probably like to have an insight into these documents so that they could know what to expect.

One of the companies to show what it plans to do to prevent the spread of COVID-19 was Wynn Resorts Ltd. In fact, the company released a document that’s twenty-four pages long where you can find all the information you need on how it plans to keep things safe. For example, the casino will have thermal cameras, limited access points, and all employees and guests who have a temperature higher than 100 degrees will not be let inside the building.

When it comes to distancing, Wynn Resorts will not allow more than four guests to take an elevator at the same time. Also, there will always be an employee near the elevator who will disinfect handles and button panels regularly — at least once an hour.

Moreover, some slots will be turned off, and some will not have chairs. Wynn Resorts ensured that this way there will be enough space between guests, according to social distancing guidelines.

Not all table games will operate at once. Instead, every other one will be active, and supervisors will make sure that people do not congregate around tables or slots.

Other casinos plan to do the same thing as well. However, the Nevada Gaming Control Board seems unlikely to make any plans public.

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