Ali Imsirovic Named PokerGo Poker Player of the Year

Ali Imsirovic Named PokerGo Poker Player of the Year

Although with a lower money count than his closest runner-up, Ali Imsirovic was awarded the 2021 PokerGo Tour Player of the Year recognition. The award does not come as a surprise to most as Imsirovic’s outstanding season and numbers simply placed him at the top. 

The Bosnian native finished the year with $6,028,321 in earnings. Even though those six million dollars would top almost any high-end poker tournament, Imsirovic’s seven-digit count was surpassed by Michael Addamo’s outstanding $9,418,837 aggregate pot, which the Australian-born was able to pile throughout this year’s tournaments. 

PokerGo highlighted Imsirovic’s recognition and stated that it had delivered a total of over $262 million in prizes throughout 2021 events.


Imsirovic’s Outstanding PokerGo Feat 

Sometimes it’s all about appreciating how certain numbers exponentially tilt odds against all participant players. Still, that didn’t stop Imsirovic and the rest of the PokerGo participants. The organization was able to put together a total of 143 tournaments. Entries to all poker events ranged from the $10,000 to the $30,000 mark from day one. 

Imsirovic and over 17,000 other participants joined in the PokerGo action, tournament after tournament, in search of consistent jackpots to either walk away victorious, cash out, and leave, or progressively reinvest in events that followed. 

For Imsirovic, the strategy was clear, and he set himself in the pursuit of consistency. That drive was translated into 34 opportunities to cash out and put himself straight for the events that extended in the PokerGo lineup. 

Still, it was Imsirovic’s last event, the WPT Rock’ N’ Roll Poker Open, where he made sure to deliver a strong message. 

With over 100 participants and with a $25,000 entry, the young Bosnian poker promise was able to lead his way to the top and beat high-end players at the last table to nail a $695,355 prize. Topped with an additional $200,000 by PokerGo sponsors, the win drove Imsirovic’s total earnings past the $6-million mark


The Beginning of a Journey to the Pros

To Ali, the award is quite overwhelming and still hard to believe. Yet, to experts, there is not much to say about the young player’s performance but to place him as the best in the series of PokeGo tournaments for 2021.

Addamo beat Imsirovic in earnings, but the Bosnian player finished the tournament with 4,364 points, leaving Addamo behind with 3,083 points. To Imsirovic, this is hopefully just the beginning of his journey. 

The young champ stated that winning this tournament will hopefully prove that this is his world and what he intends to continue doing as he makes his way to the top of poker pros. Although experts are placing him at the top of the game already, Imsirovic admitted that he is far from being considered or compared to the very high end of elite poker players.

Even though Imsirovic had an outstanding season, this is still not his first big breakthrough. Back in 2018, Imsirovic won the title of Breakout Player of the Year at the Global Poker Awards. As of today, his earnings from live poker are estimated to surpass the $15-million mark.

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