WPT Choctaw – Brady Holiman Wins Main Event

Brady Holiman did great work while competing for the World Poker Tour Choctaw $3,700 Main Event and he managed to claim his first title in WPT. Furthermore, he won a total of $469,185 which was a really big deal for him as he never earned that much money all at once in his poker career. In fact, up until then, Holiman had earned a total of $40,000 in poker.

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Everything was going well and it seemed that Brady Holiman had everything under control during the whole tournament, and especially during the main table action. In fact, he entered the main table with almost a third of all chips and managed to pretty much hold everything until the end – completing the whole thing in just three interesting and intense hours.

By winning this event, Holiman did not allow Anthony Zinno to win another record in poker and become a player that won WPT four times. The only person that managed to do that was Darren Elias who actually won his fourth WPT title in May this year. Therefore, Zinno had to be satisfied with three titles – a number that is shared by Carlos Mortensen, Chino Rheem, and Gus Hansen.

WPT Choctaw is a tournament that’s usually held in Oklahoma, just a bit south of the border with Texas. There was a total of 755 entries and the prize pool for the event was $2.5 million. The paid places were the first 96, and some of the bigger names that happened to be among the first 96 were Brian Altman, Marvin Rettenmaier, Art Papazyan (who actually defends WPT Player of the Year title), Chris Moorman, and Men “The Master” Nguyen.

When it comes to the final table action, it is interesting to point out that the action that took place was really intense but that Holiman also managed to hold everything under control almost the whole time. Some of the players that were on the final table are Timothy Domboski ($95,780), Anthony Zinno ($125,630), Tony Ruberto ($166,605), and Christopher Smith ($223,360).

The players that remained in the heads up were Brady Holiman and Viet Vo. The betting between the two in their final hand saw them raising their stakes a couple of times which meant that Vo had to go all in at one point, he constantly called Holiman’s bets and had two kings at the showdown. However, Holiman had an Ace and a Jack and had trip jacks on the flop which means that Vo’s two kings were worth nothing and it was game over for him.

Brady Holiman sure made a great win here that will stay with him for a long time. He managed to do better than some of the real poker legends who also applied for this tournament. This victory will be the great boost to his career and it is possible to expect more from him in the future.

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