WSOPE: Event #6 Brings Norbert Szecsi His Second Bracelet

Norbert Szecsi won his second bracelet by having a great time and landing a royal flush at one point. It all happened in the World Series of Poker Event #6: No-Limit Hold’em/Pot-Limit Omaha Mixed Event. He managed to earn a hefty sum of €86,596 by beating 241 other competitors that had applied to participate in this event.

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Szecsi won his first event back in 2013, which was a $1,000 No-Limit Hold’em.  He’s had two runner-up positions in WSOP events since then, which means that he barely failed to land his second bracelet. However, the curse has been lifted and he is more than happy with this achievement.

Szecsi played the heads-up battle against Shaun Deep who is currently the leader on the table for WSOP Player of the Year. He had an outstanding year behind him, but Szecsi was better this time. Deeb took home a total of €63,731. If he had won this tournament, he would have landed his third WSOP bracelet alone in 2018, which is something that happens extremely rarely and only to the best of the best.

The third place belonged to Netanel Amedi, who is a player from Israel. If he had won this event, he would have been the fourth Israeli in WSOPE 2018 who won a bracelet. There is something about this country and the poker that exploded during this tournament and the Israeli players are really doing a great job. Amedi won a total of €36,705.

Other players that were included in the final table were Julien Sitbon, Samuel Albeck, Jaroslav Peter, Vittorio Castro, and Van Tiep Nguyen. All of them are great players and we were able to see some real poker action during the final day of this event.

One of the best hands was between Szecsi and Amedi. Szecsi risked with Ace-Jack of hearts in his pocket only to get called by Amedi who had an Ace-Queen of diamonds. The flop brought a six, a ten of hearts, and a king of hearts. This meant that the Hungarian only needed a queen of hearts in order to create a royal flush. The turn brought ten of diamonds, and Szecsi was on a verge of losing a lot of chips. But lady luck touched the river card and the queen of hearts appeared. This was a great play by Szecsi and he only took one more hand to eliminate Amedi from the event.

Szecsi had a really bad start at the final table and had the least chips. By the time he reached the heads-up play, he was more or less equal with Deeb. Both of the players played carefully in the final battle and did not risk much as the chip lead swung from one player to another, back and forth. Eventually, Deeb went all in with an ace-high turn but he stumbled upon Szecsi’s top set. This was an end for the potentially best player of 2018, and he had to face the fact that two bracelets in one year are still his best achievement.

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