WSOP Adds Two More Day 1s for the $10,000 Championship to Accommodate International Players

WSOP Adds Two More Day 1s for the $10,000 Championship to Accommodate International Players

The COVID-19 pandemic has and is continually affecting people worldwide. The pandemic is even influencing various decisions.

One of these is World Series of Poker (WSOP) officials’ decision to extend the $10,000 championship to accommodate international players. On Friday, WSOP announced an unexpected decision concerning the $10,000 event due to the federal government allowing international travel.

The U.S Government Might Allow International Travel Starting November 1, 2021

With an improving state due to the vaccination process and changes in the infection rates from Coronavirus, the federal government thought of relieving travel restrictions.

On September 21, 2021, the government announced international travel would be allowed from November 1, 2021. But, the relaxation of the travel restrictions comes with several rules.

To begin with, people have to get vaccinated against the Coronavirus. The government does not state which vaccine people should take to meet the policy. But, with several days remaining before the relaxation of the travel restriction, the federal government has some time to clarify.

Once the travel restriction is lifted, 33 countries will benefit. People from these countries, including Brazil, Europe, China, India, and others, will travel from their homes to cities in the U.S.

It did not seem beneficial for poker players interested in participating in the WSOP event. This is because the final Day 1 for the $10,000 was scheduled for November 6.

There would not be enough time for players to travel, settle, and play at the event on that date. Luckily, WSOP officials changed the game, making more time for these players.

WSOP Added Two Day 1s to the Schedule

WSOP took it to their official Twitter account to announce an addition of two Day 1 Main Event flights. This brings changes to another part of the Schedule. For starters, the two events will take place on the days previously scheduled for Day 2A/B on November 8 and Day 2C/D on November 9.

If that happens, the poker operator will have to schedule Day 2E/F on November 10. The first day that all qualifying players from Day 1 and 2 would be pushed to November 11. For now, we are waiting for the final changes and a definite schedule to follow.

However, not everyone took the announcement positively. Already, other poker players had made travel plans according to the previous Schedule.

The changes were announced almost three weeks before the event. But, some poker players feel it is inconvenient to change the Schedule close to the beginning of the event.

Some started commenting about the requirement by the poker operator for players to provide proof for vaccination against COVID-19.

Other players were happy about the changes, evident from the ecstatic replies seen on the thread. Some of these players looked at the announcement as a way for WSOP to extend their satellite system, allowing players to win seats for the new Day 1E and 1F.

The addition of the two Day 1s will change the number expected to participate in the event. Although the number might not beat 2019’s, the second-highest of 8569 players, it will be an impressive number of between 6k and 7k players in this pandemic.

While many players might not like the changes, international players will love it as they get a shot at the World Championship.

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