What Did WSOPE 2017 Look Like?

World Series of Poker 2018 is currently underway, and the hype is real! We have seen so far a couple of exquisite events with several unexpected winners taking gold bracelets with the combination of skill, focus, and luck. As we expect for the new events to conclude and the Main Event to commence, we will take a short overview of the winners and the events that were a part of last year’s WSOPE.
It happened in the Czech Republic and there were a total of 12 events. However, not all of them included gold bracelets as a final reward. In fact, 11 were with a bracelet, while one had a bit different kind of final trophy.

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Let’s take a look at all events.

  • Event #1 had a total of 561 entries and they created a prize pool of €538,280. Oleksandr Shcherbak managed to win this No Limit Hold’em Monster Stack and win a total of €117,708.
  • Event #2 was named Pot Limit Omaha and there were 523 entrants this time, although the buy-in was €550 which was the half of the first event. The prize pool was also half the sum of the first – €250,909, to be precise. The winner was Andreas Klatt who won €53,557.
  • Event #3 had an interesting name – No Limit Hold’em Super Turbo Bounty. Although the buy-in for this event was €1,100, only 325 players applied and created a prize pool of €214,337. Martin Kabrhel emerged a winner and won €53,557.
  • Event #4 – No Limit Hold’em 6-Handed required a bit bigger buy-in of €1,650, which resulted in only 240 entries. The prize pool was €345,420, and Theodore McQuilkin won a total of €88,043.
  • Event #5 was the famous No Limit Hold’em The Colossus. It is one of those events where people tend to apply in huge numbers. This time there were 4,115 entries and a prize pool of €2,078,075. Matous Skorepa was the one to beat them all and take a huge prize – €270,015.
  • Event #6 was also named Pot Limit Omaha but this time the buy-in was €2,200 and there were only 191 entries. However, they created a decent pool which was €366,529 and Lukas Zaskodny won it with €93,677.
  • Event #7 was even less popular and it was a Pot Limit Omaha Hi-Lo type of event with only 92 entries who paid €1,650 for the buy-in. The pool was only €132,411 and Chris Ferguson won it for €39,289.
  • Event #8 was called No Limit Hold’em Little One for One Drop and had €1,100 buy-in with 868 people applied. The main share of the prize pool was taken by Albert Hoekendijk who won €170,764. The prize pool was €866,645.
  • Event #9 was also a No Limit Hold’em but only for the High Rollers who paid €25,000 for the buy-in. There were 113 entrants and a prize pool of €2,651,545. Niall Farrell Won it for €745,287.
  • Event #10 was another No Limit Hold’em but it was a High Roller for One Drop. The buy-in for this one was €111,111 and 132 players applied for it. They managed to create a prize pool which was €12,980,000 and Dominik Nitsche won it for €3,487,463.
  • Finally, Event #11 was the Main Event. 529 people paid a buy-in of €10,300 to create a prize pool of €5,025,00. Marti de Torres was the one to win the most important event and won €1,115,207.

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