Unsubstantiated Allegations of Cheating Running Rampant In Online Poker

poker cheatersRumors of online poker cheating have been spreading like wildfire over the last few days, beginning with a forum thread at 2+2 forums, and moving into affiliate forums, news portals, and discussions across the internet.

2+2 forums was the first forum to address the possibility of online poker room’s cheating their players. The discussion there however quickly disappeared, it was brought back later on, with some big accusations. Some say Mark Seif cheats, and can see his opponents hole cards, they say that he has won many hands he shouldn’t have called, rarely lays down the worst hand, and shows many other signs of online poker cheating.

Others say there’s a poker cheating program out there that allows players to see other players hole cards, they don’t specifically say that Mark Seif has it, but they say that it exists.

Another speculation has been that Absolute Poker has ‘super poker accounts’ and that THOSE are the accounts, actually run by Absolute poker staff members that have the ability to see opponents hole cards.

There have been jokes, and seriousness, allegations have flown.

Absolute Poker made these two statements:

Official Statement:

Hi All,

Thank you for your patience in this urgent issue.

Let me start off by stating in 100% confidence that, fair play and security is of paramount importance to Absolute Poker. We have temporarily frozen accounts that have been brought to our attention while we perform an extensive investigation.

While we are continuing with our investigation, we have yet to find any evidence of wrong doing. Our game client only receives data regarding the individuals hand and no other players hole cards, except in the event of a showdown.

The player’s and their respective actions that are in question, all come from a small sample of Hands. We have researched their play exhaustively and have found no proof that they had any knowledge of other player’s hole cards.

There were hands that were played poorly — from a poker strategy perspective — and these players did receive a fortunate result.
So far we have no evidence that substantiates claims that any of the players were involved in chip dumping, or any other improper activity.

Because of the seriousness of these allegations, we have not closed the investigation and are continuing to look very closely into this matter. We will notify you if we obtain any new information regarding these claims.

Kindest Regards,
Danielle – Absolute Poker

Statement that was made in the thread that.. disappeared.

Hi Everyone,

This thread is completely off kilter…

Absolute Poker is certified and rated by the same organizations that monitor other poker rooms. To make accusations that AP is rigged or has a breach in our security is simply not true.

All players are monitored, and the players discussed in these threads have been reviewed and cleared by the security department. It can be assured that there are no security holes where player can hack in the system to view the cards.

If anyone would like to keep commenting on this subject you can contact myself via email at [Email]Danielle@chipleader.com.[/Email] Also, I correspond with QUITE a few affiliates on this forum daily/weekly via email so you will get a response, I would like to clear up any negative thoughts about this program and our brands. Thank you.

Kindest Regards,

At this point, no ‘formal accusations’ have been made, no concrete proof has been offered, and as far as I am aware, no complaints have been filed with the Kawnawake gambling commission. Just a lot of big accusations, from a lot of major players in the Absolute Poker world, leads one to wonder, will lawsuits follow, for cheating, or for slander?

That isn’t where it ends however, perhaps once the gossip started, the seed was planted.

Today, Greg Raymer is all but accused of cheating at PokerStars during the World Championship of Online Poker Pot Limit Omaha game (event #6).

After already getting off to a rough start, Raymer is disconnected just before final table, he still has some chips though, in fact, when he re-obtains his connection, 20 long minutes later, he’s still in an OK position to win it.

With four players left at the WCOOP final table, a deal is offered, the chip leader O.Mustang turns it down.

Raymer says later on, he wouldn’t have taken the deal either, it was pretty much decided that that deal was not fair to the chip leader at the time.

O.Mustang and Raymer go to heads up, when O.Mustang asks “”do they tell u what I have?” Raymer is of course a PokerStars spokesperson, with a sweet sponsorship deal with the WCOOP.

“obv not,” Replies Raymer, a seemingly appropriate dry comment.

“how can u call?”

At this point, PokerStars support staff intervenes, stating that “No one can see anyone’s hole cards during the hands,”

O.Mustang doesn’t seem convinced.. he asks if Raymer would like to chop the pot.

“Not especially.”

In the end, both players got their money in on the flop, Raymer wins it with 2 pair, sevens and eights, and sends O.Mustang packin’ in second place.

This marks the biggest ever online Omaha holdem pot of Raymer’s career, in fact, it’s the biggest Omaha pot Raymer has won online or on land at $168,362.40. O.Mustang took down a prize of about 3 thousand less than the deal he passed on would have paid, $97,022.40.

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