UK Casino Owes Phil Ivey Millions

Phil Ivey is a top professional poker player who is no stranger to earning millions of dollars playing the game. However, the pro is not accustomed to not being paid for winning at a casino game. According to the Daily Mail, Ivey is owed millions in gambling winnings from Crockford’s in the UK, which is an exclusive Mayfair gaming club.

The casino told the Gambling Commission that they are withholding Ivey’s payout and they are also investigating the £7.3 million win. Ivey was reportedly visiting the casino and playing Punto Banco, which is a variant of the game of baccarat. Ivey hit a winning streak and once he won the large amount of cash, the casino agreed to transfer his winnings to a bank account of Ivey’s but it has been six weeks since the win and Ivey has only been returned his £1 million stake.

The casino decided to withhold the winnings and instead begin an inquiry. The staff at the casino, including the croupier at the table, was interviewed at length and the casino has reportedly considered that some form of collusion took place. However, this thought has now been ruled out.

It is still unclear as to what, if anything, that Ivey has been accused of, but lawyers on both sides of the case have been reported to be in a tense stand-off. It was reported that Ivey played the game over a two night period back in August during a bank holiday. A total of 7 hours were spent at the table and suspicions were intensified over the win after the casino discovered that Ivey’s Oriental companion had previously had her membership at the Mayfair Casino suspended. The reason for this suspension has yet to be revealed.

However, it seems to be that the casino just does not want to pay up for Ivey’s large win. Hopefully more information will be released on the subject and we will keep you updated as it happens!

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