New durrr Challenge revealed as a Scam

Tom ‘durrr’ Dwan is no stranger to a challenge. The pro has been known to post challenges and other pros have accepted, such as Patrik Antonius and Daniel Cates, but the challenges never seem to finish up. Despite this fact, poker fans and pros alike seem to enjoy any challenge that Dwan is involved in. Recently, a new challenge was posted by an online poker player on the TwoPlusTwo forums but the new challenge has been found to be a scam.

The post was created by ecotra90 and the player claimed that he was a high stakes cash game pro located in Macau. Ecotra90 claimed that he had organized a challenge with Dwan worth a million dollars. However, it was not long before the challenge was questioned. The poster put up a few screenshots which showed a tweet from durrr, the pro agreeing to the challenge as well as a direct message from the Dwan on TwoPlusTwo.

However, someone figured out that if you actually go to Dwan’s Twitter page there is no sign of the tweet. Boba Fett, a TwoPlusTwo moderator, did a little digging and found that the TwoPlusTwo account of ecotra90 was new and was created three days after the direct message was supposedly sent to the player at TwoPlusTwo.

All signs point to the fact that the tweet as well as the direct message were falsified and ecotra90 was either planning on making cash on the match before Dwan could reveal the challenge was a fake or ecotra90 was just playing a prank and was found out. Dwan has not spoken about this incident, so hopefully he will comment on the incident soon, as it would be interesting to see what the pro has to say on the subject.

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