Timothy Adams Wins His First Super MILLION$ Title

Timothy Adams is known throughout the poker world as a player who has won all kinds of tournaments during his long and successful career. However, it seems that he is far away from being done with poker, as he managed to bag another title — one that he has never won before. It was a Super MILLION$ award, which he claimed after topping the event at GGPoker.

The event took place on December 8 and required a $10,000 buy-in.

The event hosted a wide array of popular poker players, and the final table was packed with them as well, meaning Timothy Adams didn’t have an easy job emerging to the top.

The Final Table Overview

The final table consisted of nine players, and the first player hit the rail during the first hand. It was Russia’s Anatoly Filatov who made a three-bet all-in against Seth Davies who called him. However, Davies had a starting advantage as he held pocket aces against Filatov’s pocket queens. The board didn’t improve either of the players, so Davies managed to kick Filatov in ninth place for $58,779.

Despite a successful start, Davies didn’t last for long. In fact, he was the next one to leave the game when he faced Adams, who had ace-queen against Davies ace-king. However, a queen on the flop improved Adams’ position, and Davies eventually had to leave the game, winning a total of $72,508.

After a couple of hands, it was time for Laurynas Levinskas to hit the rail. He followed Fabrice Touil, who three-bet all-in with a pair of queens, whereas Leviskas held ace-king in his hand. Eventually, Touil flopped two-pair, sending Levinskas to the rail for $89,444.

Touil, himself was the next player to leave the game. Even though he had a great comeback, he wasn’t able to run all the way down; therefore, he had to hit the rail as sixth-placed, winning a total of $11,335.

Alex Papazian left the game after that. He faced Arends, who shoved from the big blind with a pair of nines, and Papazian faced him with Big Slick. However, Arends was lucky enough to flop a set and even improve to the full house on the turn. Therefore, Papazian ended fifth-placed and won $136,106.

Artur Martirosian, the popular Russian player, faced his fellow countryman “MAMOHT_T” who called Artur’s shove. Martirosian had ace-queen, whereas “MAMOHT_T” had pocket queens. The board didn’t improve either hand, signaling the end for Artur’s run. He won a total of $167,896.

But “MAMOHT_T” didn’t last for long either, meaning he was the last player to hit the rail before the heads-up could start. The player managed to win a total of $207,111.

In the end, Jans Arends faced Timothy Adams in the heads-up but was no match for the popular poker player. Adams also started the chip lead with approximately 12.1 million to 5.1 million. Therefore, Arends had to settle for second place and the consolation prize of $255,485, whereas Adams won $315,158. 

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