Theo Jorgensen Shot Multiple Times During Home Invasion

Theo Jorgensen is a well known Team PokerStars Pro who, according to many different reports, was shot three times during a home invasion, just a few days ago. Jorgensen was reportedly in his Greve home when robbers came into his home and demanded money. When Jorgensen handed over the money, they wanted more and Jorgensen was shot three times, before the robbers escaped.

The three men were wearing masks and managed to force their way into the poker pros home. The group demanded money and Jorgenson reportedly gave them an undisclosed amount in both Euros and US dollars. The robbers then demanded more and one robber, who spoke English, opened fire and Jorgensen was shot in the leg three times. Thankfully, the injuries that Jorgensen sustained do not seem to be life threatening.

Jorgensen’s wife was forced to watch the entire incident and it was she that called the police. Police arrived shortly after the call and, despite a dog search in the area; they were unable to determine who the invaders were. Both Jorgensen and his wife were able to give descriptions of the masked men, which are as follows:

Male—170 to 180 cm tall, with a medium build, dark jacket, gray pants with light shoes, carrying a white bag/pouch.

Male—170 to 180 cm tall, medium build, gray hooded jacket with dark pants

Male—170 to 180 cm tall, medium build, gray jacket, light/gray pants and white shoes/ possibly armed with submachine gun

The Central and West Zealand Police are on the case and are asking if anyone knows anything to please contact them. This past Monday, Jorgensen released a statement on his Facebook page about the incident which read:

Dear all, it is important for me to stress that I am a cautious man. I have prepared myself mentally and practically that this situation could arise, in order to protect myself and my family against outsiders. I know that outsiders may have a misguided perception of how much cash I have in my home. I have alarm systems installed, always so get cash landscape as possible and generally taken my precautions. It has so sadly proved not to be enough.

Under the circumstances, I have it good, and just now I will focus on that take me of my family so that we can get through it here.


Just an hour ago, Theo took to his Facebook page again to post:

After 36 hours in the media eye, it is now, fortunately, getting back to a normal life. Note that large media such as TV2, BT and EB all three has been appalled at the brutal assault. In the same breath, they have all explained how people like me to protect my family by having a secret address and phone no in order to prevent these cases. The hills the course up with large pictures of our House, from the air, the beach, the road with street and even in some cases pictures of my wife’s car with its license plate. Each course has also not remained for fine to just to get up to our door and knock, just to get a comment from my wife in this difficult time.

We remain but since we are now one of the more well-known addresses thanks to the DKs lovely media it will be with everything that can be taken by precautions even though I never will ha more than 442kr landscape in cash.

Will as a starting point, rather, take 2 shots in the second leg than speak to one of the three media in this case.



Thankfully, Theo and his wife seem to be doing well, considering the circumstances. We all wish the poker pro and his family comfort during this difficult time.

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