Seventh Man Found Guilty in Large Poker Robbery

On April 17th 2009 several men stormed a warehouse in Ohio yielding several weapons as they were trying to rob a private high stakes cash game that was taking place. Six men were arrested soon after the robbery took place and now Ohio prosecutors have now announced that the seventh robber in the case has been convicted.

Solomon Berhane is the seventh man to be arrested in the case. Just two days ago, Berhane was found guilty of twelve counts of aggravated robbery, twelve counts of kidnapping and two other charges which were minor charges connected to the robbery.

Berhane was one of the men who approached a player who was taking a smoke break during the poker game to gain access into the warehouse where the poker game was taking place. The men stormed inside with an AK-47 assault rifle, an SKS rifle, a pistol grip shotgun and an automatic pistol. The robbers then told the players to give them everything they had.

The robbers got $50,000 in cash and credit cards from the players as well as jewelry, a watch and other property which totaled around $25,000. The robbers may have gotten away with the crime but one of the robbers, Dominic Berlingeri, was pulled over by the police while driving a car that was bought with money they had stolen from the poker game. He also was in possession of property that was stolen from the game.

Not too long after Berlingeri’s arrest, police arrest more of the crew including: Andres Arzola, Jose Arzola-Torres, Randall Barnes, Wayne Bunkin and William Masters. All six were convicted of several charges and they all will be sentenced with Berhane on April 14th.

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