Pennsylvania Poker Tournament Players Robbed

Yet another poker robbery has taken place in the United States and this time it was in Heidelberg, Pennsylvania. Just a few weeks ago a robbery took place in Oklahoma where more than $12,000 was stolen. This time the robbery happened during a poker tournament at the Heidelberg fire hall and most likely over $1,000 was taken.

Police suspect that this robbery was an inside job. About twenty people were competing in a Texas hold’em poker tournament at the Heidelberg Volunteer Fire Department. The space was rented out to host the poker tournament. Around 2:40 in the morning one player got up to leave. As he was leaving through a door that was locked, two men with guns entered the facility through the door the player was exiting.

A side door was then opened to allow a third man in who was carrying a Baton, according to Chief Vernon Barkley of the Heidelberg police. The men then asked for Sara Lazarro. Sara is the woman who regularly plans poker tournaments in the region. The men then demanded cash from the players and Sara was hit in the head with the baton.

Barkley says they are pretty sure it was an inside job and the player who allowed the gunmen to enter seemed very nervous to the other players throughout the night. The man was spending a good deal of time on his cell phone, which was most likely the way he contacting the gunmen.

Barkley stated the player has been contacted by the police and is going to be interviewed. The player’s name has yet to be released.

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