A Rise in COVID-19 Cases Causes Another Mask Mandate in Philadelphia’s Casinos

A Rise in COVID-19 Cases Causes Another Mask Mandate in Philadelphia's Casinos

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected and changed the lives of many Americans, including the way they conduct business. Mandatory mask-wearing and lockdowns are examples of the changes.

For a couple of months, various states in the country, including Philadelphia, had eased some of the measures, if not all. The state re-introduced mask mandates for people indoors due to an increase in reported COVID-19 cases.

Mandatory Mask-Wearing in Philadelphia

Cheryl Bettigole, the city’s health commissioner, announced the news. She emphasized the severity of the situation and assured everyone that this would be the best course of action. This mandate prevents the return of lockdowns that affected the economy in 2020.

Bettigole expressed confidence that this was the appropriate course of action. The city is the first in Pennsylvania to enact the measure.

Pennsylvania has given individual counties the mandate to respond to the pandemic as they deem fit. Other states’ governors have not mandated face mask-wearing orders. Life has returned to a state that is as close to normal as it has been since the pandemic began.

Entry into indoor public areas will require face coverings. It is not required to provide proof of vaccination. Further information is yet to be provided.

By April 18, everyone will need to wear masks in hospitals, schools, cafeterias, and casinos. One week is set aside to educate businesses on what needs to happen to keep people safe.

What Are the Consequences?

The health data shows a 50 percent increase in cases in just ten days which is an alarming rate. Doctors pointed out that the new surge has increased hospital stays and deaths.

A mask mandate hasn’t been in force in the U.S. for some time. The pandemic began in March 2020, and since then, the regulations have altered frequently in response to the spread of the virus.

Employees and patrons at the three major casinos must now wear masks.

Will this affect the facilities?

The facilities are not affected so much now as compared to a year ago. While a majority of the people don’t want to wear masks, it has become the new normal.

People should be able to visit casinos as in the past. Local traffic should remain unchanged, but out-of-towners may be hesitant to visit Philadelphia.

Travelers may opt to visit other regions that provide casino gaming. They may fear getting infected and being hospitalized.

It is fascinating to see how the city implements the mask mandate and whether this is an indication to other cities to follow suit.

Should the cities also re-introduce mask mandates?

Only time will tell. With schools closing and the summer approaching, the mandate will help reduce viral spread.

Critics disagreed with the measures. The news headlines are more focused on the Russian-Ukraine war compared to the COVID-19 pandemic. Critics argue that this announcement would affect small businesses and other operators who had hoped to spring back during the spring.

Other people questioned why the city put extreme measures to fight COVID-19 and did little to stop gun violence. Violent crimes have been on a rise, with 498 fatal criminal shootings and 1,834 non-fatal shootings experienced in 2021.

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