A Second Suspect in EPT Berlin Robbery Arrested

German police apprehended Ahmad el-Awayti yesterday in a Berlin subway. El-Awayti is the second suspect to be arrested in connection with the March 6 robbery of the European Poker Tour. German police are also considering the possibility that a man who was arrested and subsequently released the following day after presenting an alibi, might in fact be connected with the heist.

Last Monday, a man turned himself into authorities, claiming that he and three others were responsible for the armed theft of over $329,000 from the EPT. While his identity has not yet been released, the names and photos of his accomplices were; Ahmad el-Awayti, Jihad Chetwie, and Mustafa Ucarkus.

Ahmad el-Awayti surrendered himself to police in Rosenthaler Square yesterday, stating “I believe you are looking for me.” el-Awayti has been taken into custody, while the other two suspects, Ucarkus and Chetwie, are still in hiding. Mustafa Ucarkus has a history of criminal violence, and is considered by police to be the more dangerous of the two perpetrators still on the run. He served time in prison for grievous bodily harm, and was released in April of 2009.

A man police known as Mohammed B. was taken into custody last Friday as a suspect in the EPT robbery, but was released the next day when he managed to produce an alibi. However, according to a German newspaper, the arresting officers found a list of six names on Mohammed B., at least three of which are now suspects in the case. Authorities are considering the possibility that Mohammed B. may have, in fact, been connected with the robbery after all.

EPT robbery suspect Mustafa Ucarkus EPT robbery suspect Jihad Chetwie

German investigators are issuing international arrest warrants for the other two suspects, Mustafa Ucarkus (20) and Jihad Chetwie (19), believing that the pair may have left Germany, possibly seeking shelter from friends or family in Turkey. Both men have a criminal record consisting of robbery and bodily assault.

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