Armed Thieves Rob Costa Rica Casino, One Person Dead

It seems that casinos have been once again the center of attention for a couple of robbers who have been too much into action movies made in Hollywood. A small group of people who were in Costa Rica made a decision to conduct an armed robbery of a casino during the nighttime. They successfully pulled off their move and managed to get away with a lot of money, killing a security guard in the process. The security guard tried to intervene in their heist, but it was a move that cost him his life.


The name of the casino which attracted the robbers is Dorado Casino, which is located in the capital of Costa Rica, San Jose. The heist happened during the night of April 5 as the attackers went into the facility somewhere around 3 am, making threats to all employees and patrons of the casino that were located inside the building during that time. The attack was over in just minutes time, and the attackers managed to get away with a total amount of 8 million Costa Rican colones, which is approximately $13,000. Moreover, the attackers took USD as well, stealing an additional $11,300 from the casino.

The Robbery

Edgar Martin Castro Naranjo, the security guard of the casino was not in the building at the time the attack was conducted. He was on his bicycle, circling his normal guarding routes at that time when he noticed that there was something suspicious going on inside the building. The 52-year-old guard stopped his bike and immediately went inside in order to stop the heist. However, he was not armed with lethal weapons, so there was no way for him to present any kind of real threat to the robbers. As soon as he approached the door, he was killed with a total of three or four shots in his torso. Sadly, he was not able to make it, and when the emergency personnel arrived he was already dead.

Marco Carrion is the chief of the homicide division of the police force of Costa Rica, and he concluded that the entire attack on the casino had been well-planned and even better executed, except for the fact that the robbers probably hadn’t planned to kill anyone in the process.

Carrion added that the robbers had arrived in two vehicles which the police only know are ‘silver’ and ‘blue.’ The entire thing was perfectly orchestrated, and Carrion stated that they were dealing not with a band of robbers, but possibly with an entire organization involved in criminal activities.

The police forces are actively investigating this case but no important leads have been found so far. The cameras that are around the casino did not manage to capture any suspicious activity, but other cameras down the road may have something that could prove useful for the police and provide additional leads.

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