The Lighter Side Of Poker: Tiltgirls At It Again

As a writer in the poker industry, and frequent player of the game, I am used to dealing with the serious side of the game. It’s win or lose, profit or loss, exhilaration or despair. Not often do I get a chance to simply burst out laughing whilst going about my daily work or evening hobby. Therefore, it is with great pride and unrestrained amusement that I announce the following story…

Tiltgirls Gone Wild: When Good Men Wear Bad Pantyhose

Earlier this year, the ‘Tiltboys’ apparently spent much time discussing why the “Ladies” should get their own poker tournaments; how it just might be discriminating that men are not offered the same indulgence. This simple discussion became a monumental fiasco when the Tiltboys decided to do something about it.

The group donned near-fitted dresses, over-embellished Lancome make-up, high heeled shoes threatening collapse under the pressure, gaudy hats and of course the brightest red lipstick they could get their fingers on. Now in full drag (and looking a little too good, might I add!), the “Tiltgirls” made their way to the Bay 101 casino.

Perry “Frieda” Friedman, Rafe “Rafaella” Furst, Bruce “Bruscilla” Hayek, Michael “Michelle” Stern and Phil “Phyllis” Gordon received a stunned but light-hearted welcome as they entered the doors in their beautifully elaborate garb.

For more than an hour, the 5 debutants accepted phone numbers from dealers, slapped at bottom-pinching fingers and blushed at the multitude of compliments. Poor Bruscila was too shy to enter the men’s room, but apparently Michelle was not!

This amazingly humorous story has been told before, and for those of you who already know it, perhaps you missed the second installment…

Tiltgirls Storm WPT Ladies Championship – And Get To Play!

Yep, they’re at it again – the Tiltgirls came out in full fashion this April to storm the World Poker Tour (WPT) Ladies Championship at the Bellagio. Frieda, Rafaella, Bruscilla and Martina not only made their way into the casino and to the cage, everyone was so absorbed in their beauty, they were actually allowed to play in the WPT Ladies Championship.

Perhaps it wasn’t the absorption of beauty, but more the occupation of outright hilarity that caused the casino to agree to four men – exquisite men I must admit, but men none the less – playing in a ladies-only poker tournament.

Let the record show, however, that the Tiltgirls were not competing to win; each falling off the rails long before any final tables were near enough to speak of. I think the idea is to make the poker industry realize that poker skills have absolutely nothing to do with gender, but rather a keen mentality and strong intuition.

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