Somerville Not A PokerStars Ambassador Anymore

January is the month when many contracts expire. One of them that recently reached its end was between Jason Somerville and PokerStars. Somerville has been an ambassador for the popular poker provider, but now he wants to focus on some other activities, including Run It Up.

In a two-minute explanation video posted by Somerville on Twitter, he explains that he is turning to a “new chapter” in his poker career. He added that he felt a “ton of gratitude toward PokerStars,” as the company was eager to cooperate with him and Run It Up.

Somerville’s Online Popularity

One of the reasons why Somerville became popular on the web is that he was one of the first poker players to understand and use the potential of Twitch. He started streaming videos there and managed to build a huge poker community that now has almost 235,000 members.

This player and lover of poker managed to prove that it was possible to use Twitch for poker and not only for streaming video games.

Other poker enthusiasts were inspired by the popularity of Sommerville and decided to start streaming channels of their own. Right now, Twitch has a poker directory which has more than 1.4 million registered users, with many of them actively following poker content happening on Twitch.

PokerStars was making a significant change in strategy at the time Somerville popularized poker on Twitch. The company wanted to introduce new ambassadors, but, this time, they aimed to be popular faces from the streaming community rather than established live professionals.

Being an online poker platform, PokerStars saw great potential in signing players who mainly focused on online poker.

Somerville was definitely not the only one to sign a contract with PokerStars. In fact, the company hired some other popular poker streamers from Twitch.

Nevertheless, if it hadn’t been for Somerville, none of the other Twitch poker users would have been active. To honor Somerville’s effort, he was nicknamed the “Godfather of Twitch Poker.”

The popularity of Somerville’s channel of Twitter grew out of the scope of live streaming. He decided to organize Run It Up live events.

Although many thought that the market was oversaturated with live events, he still managed to make a successful tournament and even start a series, which is simply called Run It Up, which will have its 10th running starting this spring.

Although Somerville had a great collaboration with PokerStars, he was limited to creating only poker-related content, and that’s one of the main reasons why he wanted to quit working with them. According to him, he has “fallen in love” with sports betting, and wants to create content related to this industry.

Ultimately, he stated that he wanted to focus on general gambling-related content, and that was not possible for him while he was collaborating with PokerStars. At the moment, no PokerStars banners are visible on Somerville’s Twitch account or his site.

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