Casino Regulator In Macau Promises Employees Health Safety

Macau’s casino regulator issued an official statement moments before the new year, pledging to protect the health of all employees working in all casinos in the area. All local operators would have to submit test reports, which are going to be conducted both by third-party personnel and independently.

The reason why such a pledge was made is that there were no proper ways to safeguard employees from being exposed to potential risks related to their health. Macau is a city that hosts tourists from all around the globe, meaning workers are exposed to some health risks from visitors.

Last April, a total of 24 employees were discovered to have a case of rubella, and there was a threat of a potential outbreak. The workers at the City of Dreams Cotai and StarWorld Hotel probably contracted this illness from some of the tourists staying there.

Luckily, the Health Bureau in Macau was quick to react, and all employees were tested for potential health risks. Once the procedure was completed, the bureau ensured that no further health risks were present at that moment.

However, this made them approach this issue more seriously, and some operators, as well as their employees, were rather vocal regarding potential health risks in the future.

Health Risks and Concerns

One of the activists who is associated with the New Macau Gaming Staff Rights Association recently publicly expressed concerns regarding the potential health threats that employees of Macau are often exposed to due to being in daily contact with people coming from all around the globe.

The main focus of the activist was the system used for distributing casino chips. Apparently, the system is such that many people who have various illnesses come in contact with the chips that are also touched by casino dealers, posing significant threats for their health.

However, that’s not the only thing they are concerned about. In fact, these chips use the so-called radio-frequency identification (RFID), and the activist believes that these also present a health threat to people who are employed in casinos in Macau.

On the other hand, the Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau recently issued a statement that explains there are no potential risks of employees’ health being affected.

Moreover, the Bureau expressed deep concerns regarding the health of all people working in Macao, stating that it is of great importance that all employees are well protected from potential threats.

Finally, the Bureau concluded the statement by saying that it makes sure all safety standards are active and ensure the best protection for the employees.

On Jan. 2, a total of 290 people took part in a rally where they demanded that all health tests made by a third party be made public so that anyone can have insight into potential health threats in Macau. The regulator made a promise to alleviate their fears, and it’s now up to them to put their words into action.

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