Simon Mattsson Is the New 2022 WSOP Online Main Event Champion

Simon Mattsson Is the New 2022 WSOP Online Main Event Champion

Simon Mattsson won $2,793,574 in the 2022 World Series of Poker (WSOP) Online Main Event after showcasing a stellar performance. The tournament attracted 4,984 entrants who formed a $23,674,000 prize pool. Still, The Hendon Mob indicates that Mattsson, also known as “C.Darwin2” has over $27.6 million in online poker tournament earnings.

The Final Table’s Results

  1. Simon Mattsson from Norway – $2,793,574
  2. Kannapong Thanarattrakul from Thailand – $2,094,884
  3. Feng Zhao from China – $1,570,941
  4. Samuel Vousden from Finland – $1,178,040
  5. Istvan Briski from Austria – $883,404
  6. Yanfei Chi from China – $662,459
  7. Jordan Spurlin from Canada – 4662,459
  8. Oliver Sprason from the United Kingdom – $372,529
  9. Tim Rutherford from Canada – $279,357

Action at the Final Table

Tim Rutherford had 11 big blinds only when he advanced to the final table. Feng Zhao made a 9,000,000 opening from an early position with 500,000/1,000,000/125,000a blinds and was left with 2.25 big blinds only.

Rutherford call off 3.8 big blinds as the other players got out of his way. Zhao got pocket kings, and Rutherford got ace-queen of hearts. The latter got a flush draw from the flop.

Unfortunately, a heart of an ace didn’t appear on the river and turn, thus making Rutherford leave the tournament in ninth place with $279,357. Oliver Sprason followed him in eighth place with $372,529.

Kannapong Thanarattrakul made a 2,800,000 min-rase under the gun using pocket tens and called after Sprason moved 10,542,000 three-bet all-in with suited ace-king from a big blind. The latter flopped a king while the former got a set.

Sprason got a royal flush draw from the turn and missed outs on the river. Jordan Spurlin left the event in the seventh position. Action folded in a small blind to Thanarattrakul as he used ace-nine to open-shove. Spurling used dominated ace-seven to call off ten big blinds and later left the table with $496,774.

Yanfei Chi lost most of his stack and was left with four big blinds after his pocket queens lost to Zhao’s pocket jacks. The former placed his few blinds in a middle queen-nine of clubs facing Samuel Vousden’s ace-seven. Yet, five community cards ran seven-high as he exited the tournament in sixth place with $662,459.

Istvan Briski’s run ended in fifth place with $883,404 after committing 6,000,000 chips using king-eight of spades from the button after Mattsson used ace-jack to make a 4,000,000 min-raise from the cutoff. But Zhao used pocket rockets to wake up in a big blind. He made a 16,000,000 four-bet as Mattsson made a fold, and Briski placed his remaining chips in the middle.

Briski drew dead by the turn as the remaining four players won over $1 million each. Vousden got the first seven-figure prize after Briski’s elimination.

Thanarattrakil made a 4,000,000 min-raise using ace-jack of spades on the button and called after Vousden made a 30,131,023 jam with pocket sixes from the big blind. The former flopped an ace-high flush, and the latter urgently needed running cards. But, Vousden missed the cards and finished fourth with $1,178,040.

Zhao lost most of his chips and tried to get a fold using king-eight on a jack-nine-queen-king board, while Mattsson had a queen-nine for a boat. The former used jack-nine from the button to place his remaining jack in the middle of the table, while the latter used ace-three to call. Zhao made an open-ended straight draw flop, but an ace-high sent him packing in third place with $1,570,941.

Mattsson had a 183,784,622:115,021,766 chip advantage over Thanarattrakul as a heads-up battle started between them. The former used six-five of clubs to complete a small blind with 3,000,000 and called, while the latter used jack-ten of clubs to make a 9,000,000 raise.

Thanarattrakul got a club flush redraw from three of clubs while Mattsson improved to a straight. The former placed a 12,600,000 wager and the latter called. Thanarattrakul finished second with $2,094,884 while Mattsson took home $2,793,574.

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