Istvan Briski’s Persistence at the WPT SHRRPO Finally Pays Off As He Bags the $647,300 Top Prize

Istvan Briski had a stunning performance in the just concluded World Poker Tour (WPT) Seminole Hard Rock ‘n’ Roll Poker Open (SHRRPO) $3,500 Main Event. He led the chip standings on Day 3 and Day 4. Still, the player later beat Rayan Chamas at the final table to win the title and $647,300.

The event featured 1,447 players and it had a $4,630,400 prize pool. Briski’s victory earned him a seat at the Mike Sexton Cup besides joining the WPT Champions Club.

The Top Prizes

  1. Istvan Briski from Hungary-$647,300
  2. Rayan Chamas from Lebanon-$600,000
  3. Sandy Sanchez from the U.S.-$366,500
  4. Fred Goldberg from the U.S.-$274,000
  5. Matt Bond from the U.S.-$206,900
  6. Darryll Fish from the U.S.-$157,800

How the Final Table Played

The remaining finalists kicked off the day’s action fast as Bond became the short stack in the first hand. He placed a big four-bet and Briski used three spades to call a flop. The former used ace-king to go all-in prompting the latter to call with ace-queen.

None of the players got a pair when the board ran out. It didn’t aid Briski and gave Bond a crucial double. This caused Briski to lose the stack lead to Chamas when they clashed in an orbit.

The latter collected some of Goldberg’s chips and his stack increased to over 20 million chips. Briski regained his chips and none of the six finalists got busted in Level 1. Nevertheless, Fish left the table in the sixth position in the 33rd hand.

He used queen-seven offsuit to go all-in before a slot and clashed with Briski’s pocket kings. Fish’s card lost and he took home $157,800. Bond followed him shortly in fifth place with $206,900 when Goldberg’s pocket jacks beat his suited ace-nine.

Goldberg beat Briski to win a huge pot and tied with Chamas as the largest stack. Briski failed to get a straight draw allowing Goldberg to call with a pair of aces and collect more chips. The players continued competing up to the day’s first break with Goldberg leading.

Chamas beat Goldberg for a  large pot after the break and widened the chip gap after his opponent used a pair of queens to call a huge bet. The latter used ace-deuce to shove against Briski’s pocket jacks. Unfortunately, he lost and exited the event in fourth place.

Briski’s stack grew to 34 million chips after Goldberg’s exit. Sanchez’s pocket fives lost o Chamas’ pocket nine hence ending his run in third place. Chamas got a more than 11 million chip lead over Briski when their battle began. However, the duo took a short break to discuss a deal.

They decided to share part of the remaining pool and compete for a small top up. Briski used trip jacks to go all-in on the river and Chamas used a pair of aces to call. 

The former called and the latter doubled back. Chamas used ten-eight to shove before Briski’s queen-four sent him packing as the runner-up with $600,000.

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