Sebastien Proulx Wins $123,602 in PartyPoker MILLIONS Online KO Main Event

PartyPoker held a $1 million guaranteed MILLIONS Online KO Main Event on November 14. Sebastien Proulx won $123,602, including $56,762 bounties, after being the last man standing at the final table. He defeated Andre Marques in a heads-up match.
The tournament attracted 978 entries with a $22,000 overlay. But, only 147 players proceeded to Day 2, and action ended after they set the final table.

Day 3 started at 8:30 p.m. GMT on November 15 and ended after four hours. Yet, entrants who advanced to Day 2 made $1,106 min-cashes, including Niklas Astedt, Artur Martirosian, and Elio Fox.

The Final Table’s Results

1. Sebastien Proulx from Canada-a $123,602 total prize, including a $56,762 bounty and $66,840 prize
2. Andre Marques from Portugal- a $96,015 total prize, including a $29,278 bounty and a $66,737 prize
3. Mathias Siljander from Finland- a $56,851 total prize consisting of a 412,632 bounty and a $44,219 prize
4. Vojtech Skalak from the Czech Republic- a $40,055 total prize, including an $11,387 bounty and a $28,668 prize
5. Vlad Martynenko from Ukraine- a $45,780 total prize comprising a $26,220 bounty and a $19,560 prize
6. Viktor Zsemlye from Austria- a $19,416 total prize, including a $4,348 bounty and a $15,068 prize
7. Martins Adeniya from the United Kingdom- a $12,847 total prize consisting of a $1,770 bounty and an $11,077 prize
8. Matthieu Rodriguez from France- a $13,580 total prize, including a $4,781 bounty and an $8,799 prize
9. Pieter Theelen from Austria- a $7,398 total prize comprising a $438 bounty and a $6,960 prize

Action at the Final Table

Nine finalists were guaranteed of winning at least $6,960 before action resumed on Day 3. Pieter Theelen got busted in ninth place after being the short stack.

Viktor Zsemlye used pocket kings to open to 5.5 million from the middle position when blinds were 1,250,000/2,500,000. Theelen held king-jack suited and put in most of his big blinds from the cutoff. But, action folded to Zsemlye when he moved all-in as Theelen committed his remaining stack.

Kings dominated on a ten-high flop, and Theelen got a flush draw on the turn. Unfortunately, he left the event when the river turned blank.

Matthieu Rodriguez followed him in eighth place after making a 68.7 million four-bet using ace-ten from under the gun. Mathias Siljander used ace-king to call before flopping the top pair as Rodriguez got a broadway gutshot.

The river and turn were bricks when Siljander collected more chips. Martins Adeniya got busted in seventh place in a preflop cooler. He used pocket queens to go all-in, and Proulx used a pair of kings to wake up.

A queen didn’t appear on the runout hence ending Adeniya’s run. Marques used ace-ten to open from the cutoff but Vlad Martynenko called him using king-queen suited from the small blind. Both players covered Zsemlye.

He put in 22.5 big blinds using queen-nine suited. Martynenko finished fifth after his opponents whittled away his stack. Marques, the chip leader, used queen-eight to open before Martynenko’s eight big blinds shove called him.

Proulx used ace-king from a small blind to make a 12 million raise, and Vojtech Skalak used ace-jack to put his stack in the middle. The former called and busted the latter after they missed the runout. Proulx widened his chip lead after winning simultaneous pots.

He used eight-high to fire three-streets, and Marques picked off with the second pair. Heads-up action began between the two players, and Proulx got a 2:1 chip lead. He used a seven-five to make a 14 million min-click, and Marques used a jack-eight to call.
Each of them got a pair after a jack-nine-seven flop. A five appeared, and Proulx got fives, sevens, and two pair.

Marques had 22.3 million chips and called them after Proulx went all-in. The river failed to improve the former and ended his run in second place with $96,015, while Proulx won the title and $123,602.

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