New Jersey Voters Oppose Casinos Outside Atlantic City; the State Might Still Consider It

A majority of New Jersey residents reject casinos outside Atlantic City. This is according to a poll conducted by Fairleigh Dickinson University.

Only 37 percent of those surveyed were open to gambling facilities in regions other than Atlantic City. The poll found that 51 percent of 801 surveyed residents did not support the expansion of casinos in the rest of the Garden State.

This finding is not different from what Fairleigh Dickinson University found six years ago. The university’s PublicMind survey of November 2016 found that 70 percent of Garden State voters rejected the constitutional amendment allowing casinos to expand outside Atlantic City.

The university conducted another survey in June 2016 and found that 35 percent favored building two casinos outside Atlantic City. However, this number had reduced to 24 percent by November 2016. The poll involved 848 New Jersey voters.

The recent survey also found opposition to building casinos outside Atlantic City crossed ideological lines. Around 53 percent of Republicans and 54 percent Independents reject casinos outside Atlantic City. Over half of Democrats also reject the expansion.

Dan Cassino noted that people had preserved views about casino expansion. The government and politics professor at Fairleigh Dickinson University explained that new arguments favoring casino expansion did not make a dent. The professor is also the executive director of the recent poll.

State Garden has nine land-based casinos in the southern part of the state. The state has also legalized iGaming.

New York Is Considering Casino Expansion

New York is preparing to add three more casinos in New York City. The state has already appointed three board members that will receive proposals from interested companies looking to set up a fully-fledged casino in the City.

New York does not plan to reward licenses until the end of next year. But, it is hoping to collect $500 million in licensing fees. Having more casinos in New York might steal business from New Jersey.

New Jersey Might Reconsider Casino Expansion

Residents may oppose gambling expansion. However, gambling facility owners feel that the state must consider it.
The CEO of Darby Development feels that the state should allow racetracks to offer casino gaming. Dennis Drazin wants Monmouth Park to be included in any gaming expansion in North Jersey. Dennis thinks that the governor, casino industry, and legislators should find a way to keep business in New Jersey when New York City gets three more casinos.

Cassino agrees. He believes casino expansion in New York and the desire to generate more revenue in Garden State will motivate lawmakers to amend the constitution. He also noted that the state would need to apply a lot of effort to change people’s minds to allow casino expansion.

Fairleigh Dickinson University created four age group data subsets. Only one, people aged between 31-44, favored adding a casino outside Atlantic City. New Jersey seniors vehemently rejected the proposal, with only 25 percent support while 65 percent opposed.

The university surveyed 801 New Jersey voters and retained a margin error of 3.5 percent. the university also asked voters their views about smoking in casinos, with only 29 percent advising a ban on smoking in gambling facilities.

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