Hide the Pain Harold Appears At EPT Prague

One form of communication and humor that has been very popular lately is memes. Some memes are fresh and shared around social media; others are not so popular anymore but still used every now and then.

One of the memes that brought smiles to many faces is the so-called “Hide the Pain Harold,” which is basically a picture of an elderly man with a smile that looks like something’s really troubling him. Millions of users used captions on this picture, making numerous jokes (and some painful truths).

Harold was recently invited by PokerStars to take part in EPT Prague. Although he is not a poker player, he definitely enjoyed taking pictures with fans and having fun at the festival. People approached to meet the famous meme subject, and for some, it was the best thing at this EPT.

Harold himself is not a poker player, but he would definitely be a confusing one, confusing his opponents with mixed emotions.

Harold’s face is indeed something that makes you feel sorry for him as if his smile is so forced that he would start crying anytime soon. However, he isn’t really sad — it’s just the way he smiles, and that’s something that gained the attention of millions of users worldwide.

Just like any other meme, Hide the Pain Harold is a part of the public meme site called Know Your Meme, which explains more about memes if you fail to keep up with the Internet’s latest trends.

Who Actually Is Harold?

The reason why Harold appeared at EPT and not some American tournament is that he is not American at all. In fact, he comes from Hungary, and his real name is Andras Arato, but he introduced himself as Andy to the English-speaking world.

Arato’s celebrity path began when he was spotted online by a stock photographer, who immediately reached out to ask him for a photoshoot. Arato agreed, but it’s unclear whether the photographer saw his “hide the pain” smile, or he just thought Arato would make a good stock model.

Anyhow, he probably sold a lot of his pictures online, as Arato became very famous very soon when a Facebook page Hide the Pain Harold started posting his images with various entertaining captions.

Arato’s career as a stock model lasted for some time as he posed for various roles. He was a businessman, a doctor, a professor, and more. At one point, he wanted to see what his photos are used for and Googled himself only to find out that his face had become a meme.

He was caught off guard with what he saw. His impulsive reaction was to try and put a stop to it, but he eventually realized that things had gone way beyond being able to control them.

Therefore, he chose to go down a different path and embraced his role as a celebrity. Now, wherever Arato goes, people approach him to take a photo with the legendary online character “Hide the Pain Harold.”

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