Schemion Improves His Stack Position and Wins $1,440,000 in GGOC Super MILLION$

Ole Schemion thrilled his fans last October when he got the GGPoker Super MILLION$ title. This was after he advanced to the final table being in the seventh position.

The poker pro recently won another Super MILLION$ title that partly formed the GG Online Championship. It had a $1,447,417 prize. Schemion topped in the $10,300 Super MILLION$ HR Main Event after being in the fifth stack position with slightly more than 35 big blinds.

Schemion is GGPoker’s 13th player to win more than one Super MILLION$ event. He joins Anatoly Filatov, Andras Nemeth and Bert Stevens. Still, he has to win more titles to catch Artur Martirosian, Michael Addamo and Niklas Astedt who have won five titles each.

The Main Event’s Final Table

Ole Schemion from Austria won $1,447,417
Simon Mattsson from Norway got $1,116,111
Rui Ferreira from Brazil received $860,640
Renat Bohdanov from Ukraine won $663,644
Chris Klodnicki from Canada got $511,740
Joao Vieira from Brazil received $394,605
Ronan Sweeney from Ireland got $304,282
Kolayruss1978 from Russia won $234,633
Deividas Daubaris from Mexico received $180,927

Deividas Daubaris had the least chips as the final table’s action began. Unfortunately, he was the first finalist to leave the table.
Rui Ferreira made a 700,000 min-raise using pocket jacks in a middle position. Action folded in a small blind to Daubaris who used pocket sixes to make a 3,500,000 three-bet. It left him with slightly more than 2,700,000 chips.

Daubaris called after Ferreira incited him. The latter’s jacks were steady and led to the former’s elimination in ninth place hence earning him $180,927. It earned Sweeney a crucial hand in the tournament.

Ferreira did a 700,000 min-raise using pocket aces under the gun as Sweeney placed a 2,275,000 three-bet on the button when the hole had two kings. The former had a huge stack lead at that time and he placed a 4,550,000 four-bet as Sweeney called.
Ferreira led 1,971,250 in a 9,985,000 pot after a jack-five-ten draw with a two club flop occurred.

Sweeney called again and a ten appeared on the turn thus revealing two diamonds. Ferreira made an all-in check-raise and Sweeney fell but had less than of his initial chips while finishing the hand.

“kolayruss1978” left the table with $234,633 in eighth place after he made a middle position open-shove using ten-nine of clubs with slightly less than five big blinds. Schemion isolated him using an all-in three-bet from the bouton having pocket jacks. The board ran king-high and he won a hand.

Sweeney didn’t recover from a kings and aces hand and got eliminated. Ferreira made an 800,000 min-raise under the gun using ace-four. Yet,Simon Mattsson made a fall call using pocket jacks but Sweeney pushed 5,970,978 all-in having an ace-queen in a small blind. Still, Ferreira kept off as Mattsson made a call.

Sweeney combined his cards and Mattsson made a set flop that held and crashed Sweeney. It earned him $304,282.
Schemion’s Victory at the Table Ferreira eliminated Joao Vieira in sixth place with $394,605. Chris Klodnicki went all in with ace-jack for 4,917,346 as Renat Bohdanov called. The latter had a heart as the board made four flushes and hearts when the former made an ace flop and left the event with $511,740.

Schemion’s ace-seven beat Bohdanov’s queen-deuce of diamonds and sent him home with $663,644. Ferreira lost in a three-handed play and won $860,640. A nine on the flop earned Schemion $1,447,417 as Mattsson got $1,116,111 for being the runners-up.

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