Who Are the Greatest Players of Poker According to WSOP?

The officials at World Series of Poker decided to release their list of the “50 Greatest Poker Players” in history in order to celebrate the 50th Annual WSOP. The panel, which was made up of 26 people who are industry leaders and prominent poker media figures, were suggested a list of 200 players. Out of those 200, 173 received votes, and the players with the most votes ended up in top 50.

However, they did not rank the players, they just published a list as it is very difficult to determine who is the greatest of all time. In other words, players were not ranked since many people still debate who is the best in poker — and that is overall difficult to say.

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The list is too long for this article, but you probably already know all the names in it. Some people pointed out on social media that the list failed to deliver as it did not have the names such as Daniel Colman, David Peters, Mike Sexton, Jason Koon, and David “Devilfish” Ulliott.

Gala Saturday to Honor the First Fifty

On Saturday, 8 pm, WSOP will host a gala night which they dubbed the “First Fifty Honors Gala.” Apart from honoring the best 50 players in history, there will also be a short revision of the past 50 years of WSOP, featuring some of the most memorable moments that took place. The event will take place in Brasilia Ballroom. All WSOP gold bracelet winners and VIP guests are invited and need to acquire their tickets in advance.

During the gala night, winners of seven different categories will be announced, and the categories are:

Most Memorable TV Hand
Best Overall WSOP Performance
Most Likely to Succeed
Fan Favorite
WSOP’s Favorite Bad Boy
Most Impressive WSOP Main Event Win
Four Most Important Players in WSOP History

Ty Stewart is the Executive Director of WSOP, and he stated that it was essential that they took time to honor the first 50 years of WSOP, and pay tribute to all the people who paved the way for where WSOP to become the most popular poker tournament in the world. He added that they were looking forward to gathering together the entire poker community on Saturday in order to commemorate 50 years of the WSOP.

One of the highlights that are planned for that night is a group photo. At one point, all Main Event winners who attend the gala event will be asked to go on stage and take a photo together. It would indeed one epic picture that the entire poker community will cherish.

There is still a lot to happen in this year’s WSOP, so once the gala night is over, players who are attending the WSOP tournament will have to go back to playing poker. Stay tuned as the Main Event for the 50th Annual World Series of Poker is just around the corner.

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