GGPoker Returns With a Poker Series Mirroring the World Series of Poker Online

GGPoker Returns With a Poker Series Mirroring the World Series of Poker Online

The 2021 fall has been an interesting one for poker players. This is because top poker operators are offering different tournaments with high buy-ins for pro poker players and affordable buy-ins for low rollers. In that line, GGPoker is returning with an online poker series similar to World Series of Poker (WSOP) Online events.

This series comes barely a month after the last game of WSOP Online. In fact, it goes by an almost rhyming name, Good Game Series of Poker (GGSOP). The difference between the two series is that buy-ins for GGPoker’s game will be ultra-affordable.

So, while the game will mirror WSOP Online in scope and structure, they will come at a fraction of the WSOP’s buy-ins. All players are invited to play any of the events in the series, considering most buy-ins are less than $50.

The event begins on October 23 and runs through November 7, 2021. But, day one flights for various events started on October 16.

While this series is mirroring WSOP, it also resembles GGPoker’s previous GGSOP event. It comprised 54 events spread over 15 days, with buy-ins as low as $2.50. It matches the first series, but this year’s guarantee prize is $7,250,000.

Last year, GGSOP featured $6.5 million in guarantees across 54 tournaments. After what the poker operator describes as a successful year, this year’s guarantee is an addition of $750,000 to get $7,250,000.

The head of PR at GGPoker spoke about the event, describing it as a tournament series for every kind of poker player.

He added that the event features affordable buy-ins and many events to choose from. Paul Burke noted there were millions in cash prizes to be won, hoping that players would take the chance to play and win even a GGSOP title.

How GGSOP Mirrors WSOP Online

Last year, GGPoker announced GGSOP immediately after the completion of WSOP Online. This year, the brand has done the same. It describes the event as an online WSOP event designed for low-stakes players.

Just like last year, the schedule features WSOP’s favorite events that are scaled-down in budget. Some of these include Plossus, The Return, and others.

Another major event on the schedule is the $25 FLIP Ladies with $100,000 in prizes. Another is going by the name Millionaire Maker Jr which is contradictory to the guarantee of $250,000. But, considering you only need $15 to play the game, the prize is worthwhile.

The highlight of the series is the $50 GGSOP MILLION$ matches. They are three, each with a prize pool of $1 million.

Day 1s are ongoing on the site up to the last day. There will be three final days, on October 23 and 31, and November 7.

Other Events on the Schedule

If you want to spend a little more on buy-in, the schedule includes two extra games. There is one for $150 called GG Masters with a guarantee of $500k.

The other is ¥388 NLH Asia Championship. Displayed in Chinese Yuan, the event is for all, going for $60 with a guarantee of $78k or ¥500,000.

There is a leaderboard competition with $100k up for grab. The top 100 players will get a share of the money.

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