Representative Joe Barton Announces Plans for New Federal Online Poker Bill

bartonIt has been some time since the poker community has heard talk of an online poker bill on a federal level that will actually allow online gaming to take place. For months we have been hammered with information from the Restoration of America’s Wire Act, which would see online poker, essentially all online gambling, cease to exist. Now, it seems as though Representative Joe Barton is resurfacing to introduce a bill on a federal level to allow online poker gaming across the US.

A report in the Star Telegram has stated that Barton will soon be introducing a new federal online poker bill, which will be a new version of one that was previously introduced in the past. Going back to 2012, Barton has tried to legalize online poker gaming by introducing many bills, but none were able to move forward.

In the report by the Star, it appears that Barton will be offering a new option to counter the Restoration of America’s Wire Act, the RAWA bill, to allow online gaming. If a bill is introduced, it would be interesting to see how far it would move forward and if a hearing would take place similarly to the one that just happened with the RAWA legislation. The RAWA hearing was filled with poker opponents so to see a hearing take place in a positive stance towards the option would be a breath of fresh air, if the bill that has yet to be introduce could move forward to that point.

Speaking of the new bill he plans on introducing, Barton stated that the legislation would be similar to others measures he has introduced in the past. The bill would be legalizing online poker and then give each individual state the option to allow online gaming or not. Barton stated further that the bill would put protections in place to make sure children are not able to gamble as well as allow debit cards, not credit cards for financing accounts. A regulatory agency would be put in place to monitor player activity as well as set limits for anyone who may be heading down a path to gaming addiction.


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