APAT WCOAP Main Event — Patrick Blye Wins $27K

Patrick Blye

The Main Event of the APAT World Championship of Amateur Poker ended on February 8, with Patrick Blye taking it down and walking away with a total of $27,408 in his pocket. Apart from the prize money, Blye also won an APAT gold medal, as well as a WCOAP Main Event bracelet.


A total of 1,751 players applied for the WCOAP Main Event, and the buy-in price was $109. The original prize pool was $150,000, but the players surpassed it by $21,500.

The least a final table player could get was $2,116, and that happened to be Julian Selinger. He had only 6.5 big blinds in the final table and shoved them with pocket deuces. However, he was called by Shane Pollington, who had ace-ten. Another ace appeared on the river, improving Pollington’s hand. Selinger, unfortunately, failed to improve and had to leave the game as ninth-placed.

The next player to fall was Stephen Prandstatter. He also had approximately six big blinds left and shoved them all with ace-king in his pocket. However, Blye had a pair of twos and managed to flop a full house. Prandstatter had to leave the game in eighth place, winning a total of $2,706.

Blye continued to play well and soon claimed another victim — Jelmer De Visser, who had to hit the rail in the seventh place. His ace-king was no match for Blye’s pocket nines. De Visser won $3,406 for his effort.

Zachary Lipeles from Austria was the next one to fall, scoring a total of $4,390. He had ace-deuce and managed to improve to a straight on the river, but he stumbled into Michael Errington’s ace-seven that also formed a higher straight. Therefore, Lipeles had to settle for sixth place and the prize of $4,390.

The next player to say goodbye to the final table was Shane Pollington, who was off to a good start but failed to make it to the very end. Pollington won $5,748 for his effort.

After him, it was time for Michael Errington to leave the final table. He had ace-ten in his hand, but Jamie O’Connor was better with ace-jack. Therefore, Errington had to settle for the prize of $8,436.

Jamie O’Connor was the last player to leave the game before the heads-up play. Even though everyone thought he would be the one to take down the event, his luck turned against him during the three-handed play, so he had to hit the rail, earning a total of $12,709.

The two remaining players were Patrick Blye and Randy Vermette, both hailing from Canada. Blye was the one to send O’Connor to the rails, earning a huge chip lead against his opponent. Therefore, the heads-up play did not really last very long, as it was only a matter of time when Blye would take Vermette’s chips. Vermette had to settle for the consolation prize of $18,618.

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