Redraw Leads to a $100,000 Win at 2022 Wynn Millions Mystery Bounty

Redraw Leads to a $100,000 Win at 2022 Wynn Millions Mystery Bounty

The Mystery Bounty at Wynn Poker was received well by poker players as everyone competed for the prize. Wynn Poker has been busy with all several poker activities on the premises. The poker players were in line to take their draws, and the event directors were all busy to acquire as many bounties as the break period would allow.

The staff at Wynn Poker worked tirelessly to make sure the bounty process ran without any hitch. Even though the club was busier than ever, the tournament was uneventful until the staff hit the knockout drum.

Most mystery bounties were a $500 bonus draw, but Hung Tran broke the record when his redraw won him a top prize. The maximum award, which was $100 000, was the tournament’s peak that every poker player was eyeing. Poker players received Hung Tran’s win with awe, cheers, as well as grunts.

Other rewards in the Mystery Bounty were five prizes at $50,000 each and eight $25,000 awards. Eddy Konarske was the second poker player to bring the room to a halt after he drew nine prizes for a total of $260,072.

About the Wynn Millions Mystery Bounty Tournament

The Wynn Millions Mystery Bounty cost $1.5 million. Wynn Poker held the event from February 24 to February 27. It had a buy-in of $1600.

The tournament had 2,103 participants in its three starting flights. The Mystery Bounty managed a prize pool of $1 997, 850 which was an attractive feature to the entrants.

On Day 2, 228 poker players went back to the Las Vegas Strip casino to complete the game. Konarske was the last person on the table. Rambo Halpren was the last person to play with Konarske, and he won $222,000.

Wynn Poker had a distinct mystery bounty. Every winning player after an elimination would stand a chance to win $100,000 in this bounty.

The tournament management put three envelopes with the highest bounty and four envelopes with $50,000 cash award in the separate county to keep things more interesting. The least amount a player could win was $500.

By the time the tournament reached the final table, players had already grabbed all three envelopes with $100,000. People present at the game predicted that if the envelopes were four, the action at the final table would be quicker than it was.

At the final table, the players who won were Eddy Konarske, Rambo Halpren, Laszlo Nagy, Aaron Massey, Z Stein, Josh Light, Dennis Wilke, David Yokoyama, and Harrison Ashdown. The players won $222,000, $200,000, $119,863, $90,901, $67,327, $52,223, $41,017, $32,862, and $27,468 respectively.

The Series Continue

The Wynn Millions series is still in progress. The Main Event has a buy-in of $10,000 and a guarantee of $10 million.

Last summer, the Wynn had a similar event where Andrew Moreno took home $1,460,106. Moreno won against 1,328 participants. This event was considered as the biggest non-WSOP Main Event $10 000 in the poker history of Las Vegas.

Wynn Poker is famous for its daily tournaments. The tournaments have a weekly guarantee of $95,000. Poker players consider these stakes as some of the best in Las Vegas.

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