Borgata Casino Executive Announces Plans for the Casino Renovations

Borgata Casino Executive Announces Plans for the Casino Renovations

The casino industry in Atlantic City is doing better than ever. The significant increase in revenue is evidence to support this statement.

The gaming executives have been working day and night to improve tourism in the area. Their work is shown through property renovation and improvement.

Travis Lunn from Borgata Casino announced that the casino has renovations on the way. The Borgata is considered one of the best and most popular gaming clubs in Atlantic City.

2021 was a good year for Casinos in New Jersey, but 2022 will be better. All New Jersey casinos are in Atlantic City, making the latter the most visited place.

Travis Lunn, the president and COO of Borgata Casino, acknowledged the stiff competition in the casino industry in Atlantic City. In his statement, Lunn announced that the renovations underway would help the Borgata Casino to maintain its position as the best in the state.

According to the COO, the renovations will benefit both the casino and Atlantic City at large. He said that the step for Hard Rock and Ocean reinvesting in their products is something he would use to his advantage.

Lunn is not worried about the success of the two. Instead, he is glad that they are doing great since they motivate Borgata to improve its game.

Lunn revealed that he has $10 million to put on the slot floor. The slot flor upgrade will update the current products in the casino. The casino president admitted that the casino lacks some gaming products that their customers need, making them lose to their competitors.

Several rooms in the Borgata Casino will be upgraded and filled with new modern facilities. The casino will keep the renovations updates open to the public.

The casino is putting all its effort into this renovation as it has been ten years since the casino was lastly renovated. Lunn stated that there is enough capital to reinvest into the casino’s products, and it is his job to fight for that capital.

Borgata Under the Reign of Travis Lunn

Travis Lunn is the former president of Southeast Group and the COO of MM Resorts. Travis was in charge of Beau Rivage Resort & Casino in Biloxi and Gold Strike Casino in Tunica in his previous job post.

He took over Melonie Johnson, who was the president of Borgata Casino. Lunn has shown great dedication to his work. Regulars and staff at Borgata Casino have high hopes or him, and the casino is expected to do better under his leadership.

In 2021, Borgata Casino made over $1.1 billion in gaming activities. Borgata’s most significant competitor, Hard Rock, made about half of this amount as their profit in the same year. Lunn plans to replace almost 400 slot machines with new models.

Recently, Borgata held a blackjack tournament. The tournament was a success, and Travis announced more of these tournaments to come in the future. According to him, players seek more social activities and different practices of gambling, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The COO has also made it known that he has plans to connect with Stockton University students. He will train them on choosing careers in the hospitality industry, casinos included. According to Lunn, being in Borgata Casino serves as an advantage since it is a countrywide gambling company, and he plans to use these advantages for good.

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