Poker Legislation in Washington Misses Legislative Deadline

DE gamblingFor 2016, it seems that Washington State will miss out on legalizing online poker gaming. Just last month we reported that a bill had been introduced to see online poker offered in the state but this measure has failed to meet the legislative deadline to move forward.

Representatives of the state, Sherry Appleton and Vincent Buys, introduced House Bill 1114 in January but the bill was unable to gain any traction. The same bill was on the table in 2015 but failed to move forward as well. This time around, the measure was never the subject of a hearing and died mid-month. Currently in the state, it is considered a crime to take part in online poker gaming. Yet, no player has been charged for taking part in the activity.

Washington is not the only state to propose legislation for online poker gaming but not see any movement in legislation. California, Pennsylvania and New York are among states who have some form of online poker gaming legislation on the table. Each of these states have been unable to move forward with legalization and regulation of the industry.

An online poker measure was approved recently within a committee of the New York Assembly, but it does not seem the state will be offering iPoker any time soon. In California, card rooms, Indian tribes, government officials and race tracks cannot seem to set aside differences long enough to pass legislation for online poker. Just recently, the race tracks were offered $60 million in annual payments to not offer online poker but this does not see like a deal the tracks want to take advantage of.

So for now, it seems that Delaware, New Jersey and Nevada will remain the only states in the US that offer online poker gaming. Each of the three states have seen their ups and downs in the industry, but have been able to maintain and continue to offer iPoker gaming.

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