Players Reveal Major Issues at Merge Gaming Network

For several days now, players have been coming forward at popular poker forum TwoPlusTwo to discuss the Merge Gaming Network and issues that are currently taking place within the network. Based on player discussions, PocketFives is reporting that the network seems to be subject to cheating or an attack on the poker network.

At the poker forums, players have said quite a bit about Merge and the issues at hand. One poster at the site, FoldzNever, has reported that this past Sunday the software was disconnecting during game play, especially when a particular player known as I4ss3m4jj4n had the advantage at the felt. According to the poster, the disconnecting first would take place in basic game play but then it began during the Sunday Major, which has a guaranteed prize pool of $125,000.

According to FoldzNever, he has seen the above mentioned player build pots no less than 10x and on the turn and river min-raise or place a donk-bet for the software to then disconnect. Other players admitted the same and even showed video of the action and confirm that the player mentioned was involved in the pots.

Still others are reporting that they have had deliberate denial of service on the network, even during the Main Event tournaments and Big Ticket of the site. As we reported a few weeks ago, players were logging in to other members accounts due to a ‘bug’ in the Network system after being disconnected. It was pointed out at TwoPlusTwo that during the service denial that the player, I4ss3m4jj4n, would be removed from game play as well after other players are pushed out, but as the last player standing, would gain a huge pot as others who were involved in the hand are knocked out without finishing the hand.

This type of attack can happen for various reasons and many seem to believe that the suspected player was using the attacks to his advantage. This type of attack can also provide sensitive personal information such as credit card info and more. Merge has yet to make a statement in accordance with this incident so it will be interesting to see what may unfold in the coming weeks as players continue to discuss the instances at the poker sites on the network.


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